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Choosing Scrubs

Do you need new scrubs for your office? Your scrubs serve several important functions. They contribute to not only your patients' first impression of you, but also of your entire office or clinic. Before making your final decision, look over these four simple guidelines.

  • 1) Solids vs. Prints
  • 2) Accommodate All Sizes and Shapes
  • 3) Embroidery vs. Plain
  • 4) Close Outs vs. Reorderable Styles.

Solids vs. Prints

A sharply dressed office staff with coordinating uniforms gives the impression that you care about being professional and organized. While selecting a solid color for everyone to wear makes this easy to accomplish, you may want to keep in mind that there are more printed styles to choose from than ever before including special interest prints such as veterinary, pediatric and pink ribbon.

If you choose prints over solids, make your print selection so that it offers several different coordinating colors that allow you to mix and match pants. That way, you can create different outfits, utilize solid pants that your staff may already have on hand and continue to maintain uniformity in your office. A well selected bright printed top can brighten any patients' day.

Solid sets are an attractive alternative for many offices because they offer cost effective discounts when you are ordering the top and pant together. In most solid sets, the top and bottom must be the same size, so they may not be the best option for everyone.

If you choose to order solid tops and solid pants, you probably want the solid colors to match. To achieve the best color match between tops and bottoms, it is best not to mix brands. Each manufacturer and, in fact, each unique line within a manufacturing brand, has a unique dye lot. For example, White Swan's navy will not match exactly to Cherokee's navy or Peaches' navy. Similarly, Cherokee Workwear's navy will not match exactly to Cherokee's Studio navy. For the most professional look, select solid tops and pants from the same manufacturing line. Your vendor should be able to offer assistance.

Health care personnel spend hours in their scrubs so selected styles should offer comfort and easy laundering options as well as a fashionable yet professional appearance.

Accommodate all Sizes and Shapes

Sizing is usually the biggest obstacle when outfitting a large group of people. Everyone wants the same level of comfort no matter what size or shape they are. If you are trying to outfit people of all different sizes and shapes, first start with the scrub pants. Ask about whether the same style or color pant is available in different lengths such as petite, short or tall.

Also, you may want to inquire about the possibility of purchasing different waist styles such as elastic or drawstring. If you are outfitting both men and women, the availability of unisex styles will be very important. Many manufacturers are now offering elastic waist, flares and unisex pants in a variety of colors so offering a choice of style to your office may make everyone happy. Also, most manufacturers are now offering solid scrub styles from XS to 5X to accommodate everyone.

Once the pants are selected, the top selection is often easier. If there are men in your office, you want to choose a style that offers a gender neutral theme for prints and perhaps a chest pocket instead of the two lower pockets. Just make sure that the style that you choose will work for everyone. Scrubs manufacturers such as Cherokee, Cherokee HQ, White Swan or Peaches offer a wide variety of styles in pediatric, veterinary, floral or whimsical prints so selecting the right printed top for your office has never been easier. For more information check out the precise Men's and Women's Sizing Charts.

Embroidery vs. Plain

Embroidery is a growing trend and an excellent option for solid tops, warm-ups, lab coats or caps. Embroidered logos or scrubs personalized with names complete a professional look and add a level of comfort to patients who can easily identify the medical personnel with which they are dealing.

Embroidered logos can help define departments, create name recognition for your clinic and set you apart from everyone else. Some facilities are also building employee morale by adding the logo to caps, tote bag and t-shirts.

Close Outs vs. Reorderable Styles

Because of how often you wear your scrubs, be sure to select a style that can easily be reordered. Ask your retailer about whether the style will be stocked throughout the year and order a few extra if possible. You not only need to replace worn out or soiled scrubs, you need to be able to outfit new employees during the year as well.

Outfitting a health care office or clinic of any size can be stress free and can be done while satisfying everyone. Just take the time to ask some key questions at the beginning and make sure that the company that you choose to purchase from will assist you every step of the way toward your professional look.