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Dickies EDS Signature

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Dickies EDS Signature 25

Dickies EDS Signature 25" Drawstring Skirt

Item #86505-WHWZ

  • 2XL $17.98


Dickies EDS Signature

Nursing Uniforms

For affordable prices, easy ordering and fast shipping, you can purchase scrub pants and tops together as matching scrub sets. Find hundreds of solids available to accommodate your facility’s requirements and/or your preference. Nursing Scrub brands include Cherokee Workwear, Dickies, White Swan Fundamentals, Grey’s Anatomy scrubs and Urbane and Scrub Zone solids by Landau. Whether you require green scrubs, such as hunter, teal, celadon, lime or surgical green, or if you require blue scrubs such as royal, ceil, navy or teal blue, we have a huge selection of medical and nursing scrub tops and pants. Marcus Uniforms can also assist you with choosing a color for your facility or department. Personalize your scrubs with your name, monogram or logo for a more professional look.