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Bulk Orders & Corporate Accounts

Group Discounts & Free Shipping,

Custom Embroidery & Designated Sales Team

Marcus Uniforms, a family owned and operated company, works with hospitals, schools, offices, clinics and businesses to offer the lowest prices on bulk orders. Uniforms are our specialty so we are experts in sourcing brand names at the best prices. Contact us today to open an account. Account benefits include:

• Experienced staff to outfit your group

• 10% Discount on bulk orders $300 and over

• Free shipping offer on orders of $100 or more

• Quick turnaround and delivery

• Special handling of rush orders

• Full in-house embroidery services

• Hassle free returns policy

• Large size selection including
plus, petite, short & talls

• Uniform skirts and dresses available

• Access to full warehouse inventory for all
featured manufacturers

• Convenient online group ordering

• Assistance with color matching or solid selection to best fit your group

• Employees can replenish approved items
on a dedicated web page. View our
School / Company Links Page


Accounts are handled by a designated team who will ensure that you receive the best pricing, quickest turnaround and are completely satisfied. If you don’t see what you’re looking for online your account specialist will help find it.

Contact us for a custom quote on orders over $3,000. We also welcome international orders. Simply click here to fill out a short business application form or call 800-453-3944 ext. 125.

Our customer service representatives are available by phone at 800-453-3944 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Central Time or email customerservice@marcusuniforms.com