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Guide To Tall Scrubs

If you are tall, finding the right tall scrub pants can be a challenge. Regular lengths often look like cropped pants or capris unless you wear them low on the hip which is often uncomfortable for moving or bending. Backs, socks, ankles and shins often get unnecessarily exposed because the pants just don't fit well at the waist.

Although Men's sizes used to be an option, they often needed alterations at the waist and did not offer the multitude of fashion colors, flare leg styles and pocket options that offered in Women's scrubs. Fortunately, the scrubs industry has started paying close attention to its taller medical personnel. Unisex pants which often offer an adjustable drawstring waist are now available not just in neutral core colors, but also in the same fashion colors offered in the women's scrub lines. The inseams are typically about an inch longer than regular women's pants. Also, many manufacturers have started adding tall scrub sizes to popular styles including flare leg, cargo and two pocket pants. The tall inseams are typically as much as 2 inches longer than the regular length of the pants. Cherokee even offers a man's elastic waist pant with a 36" inch inseam.

What's the right size for you? The best way to start is to know your actual inseam length. Not everyone who is taller than average height needs a tall scrub pant. It depends entirely on your inseam measurement. Typically, if you are over 5' 7 1/2", you may want to consider a tall size scrub pant for a better fit and a pant length that comfortably reaches the top of your shoes without dragging on the floor.

Inseam is measured from the base of the crotch to the bottom of your pant leg at the seam. If you have a pair of pants that fit you well, lay them out flat on a hard surface and measure them from point where the inner legs come together to the opening at the bottom of the pant. Once you determine your inseam, here is a list of major brand name inseams to use as a guide:

Most scrub brands have the same inseam, but there are a few differences:

The following scrub brands have a tall inseam of 32" (regular inseam of 30")

  • Barco Tall Pants for Women
  • Cherokee Tall Pants for Women
  • Dickies Tall Pants for Women
  • Dickies Tall Pants for Unisex
  • White Swan Tall Pants for Women
  • Barco Tall Pants for Unisex (Has a regular inseam of 31")

The following brands have a tall inseam of 33" (regular inseam 31")

  • Peaches Tall Pants for Women
  • Landau Tall Pants for WomenWhite Swan Tall Pants for Unisex (Has a regular inseam of 31")

The following brands have a tall inseam of 33.5" (regular inseam 31")

  • Cherokee Tall Pants for Unisex
  • Landau Tall Pants Unisex (Has a regular inseam of 30.5")

The following item has a tall inseam of 36"

  • Men's Cherokee Pant #199

The inseam for L.A. Rose tall scrub pants increases with sizing.

Your medical scrubs retailer should be able to provide more detailed information about the particular scrub pant style that you are interested in.

You can find most scrub brands at a discounted price, starting at around $10.99, and typically under $14.99. Check to see if they have a category of pants specifally devoted to tall sizes to make browsing for pants that fit even easier.

Consider what sytle of pant is most comfortable for you. Tall pants are now available in elastic waist, drawstring, cargo pants and flare leg pants with side slits at the bottom. Flare leg pants often offer the flexibility of an elastic back and a drawstring front. Tall sizes are also often available in midrise or low rise styles.

To prevent any shrinkage in pants that fit, don't put them in the dryer. Dry them flat, on a rack, or hang them up. You could also fluff them in a dryer on low to medium heat for a few minutes to get the stiffness out.

By measuring your inseam, selecting your style, choosing the brand that will work best for your inseam requirements and knowing how to care for your scrubs, you will easily find pants that are not only fashionable and inexpensive, but also functional and comfortable. If scrub pants are uncomfortable, you could also consider a scrub skirt which are now available in assorted colors by White Swan. If you continue to experience difficulties with fitting, contact your scrubs provider for further assistance. You spend a lot of hours in your scrubs so not only should they look professional, but also fashionable and a good fit.