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Natural Uniforms Comfort Clogs

Natural Uniforms Comfort Clogs

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  • 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 $9.99
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Description: Natural Uniforms Comfort Clogs. This is a lightweight and flexible strapless closed heel women's comfort clog.

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by Rose
on 9/4/2017
Do these shoes come in wide
by susanb
on 3/8/2017
Don't go too small
These are quite comfortable. However, given the reviews here, I wear a 7.5 in a street shoes so ordered the 6. I should have gone down a half size only.
by Dawn Setters
on 7/31/2016
work shoes
Best shoes ever for nursing!!! I buy 2 pair at a time... Out lasting amazing shoes!!!!
by Samantha
on 3/26/2016
Do your feet fit in them? or are they like slippers with not a lot of back to them? Im in dental hygiene and they want a shoe where your heel isnt exposed. If anyone has anything to offer help a sister out! -Sammi
by nikkie
on 4/25/2014
Bought my first pair of these few years ago. Loved them bought several others different colors. That was over 4 years ago. Still wearing well. Washer or by hand they clean easily. Very light weight but comfortable. Only thing I usally wear 7-8 these run lil larger. The 6 fit me well
by Kathy T
on 3/15/2014
Awesome shoes!
As a nurse's aide, I'm on my feet constantly. These shoes feel good, don't slip and are quiet. I find that I'm wearing them all the time, not just at work. They wash up in the laundry. Can't beat the price. I can't find anything bad to say about these shoes!
by Rikki
on 3/11/2014
Just a quick note: If you have to be on your feet for any amount of time, these are the shoes for you!! I am a nursing student and the high dollar shoes I bought at first did NOTHING but hurt my feet, legs, and back. I ordered a pair of these and within minutes I could feel the difference!! They are great for lab and clinicals because they almost suction to the floor if it is wet! Super comfortable, safe, and priced for a students budget! Ordering 2 more pair right now!
by RN
on 2/23/2014
Snow Shoes
I was recently stranded in the "2014 ice/snow storm" in GA. I was 3 miles away from home and my options was to spend the night in my car or walk the 3 miles (5.5mts pregnant). I chose to walk. I had these shoes on in ice and 3" snow. I made it home, never slipped, feet stayed warm and dry! I have had these shoes for about 2 years and love them! I have also gotten several compliments from patients as well as co workers. They are very easy to clean (which is essential in my line of work). I love them! GET IT!!!
by Dawn
on 12/6/2013
size problem
love these shoes only problem is I am a size 8 and I bought the size 8 and they are wide and huge my feet move around in them and its painful I don't know whether to get a size 7 or 6 other wise they are cushy if I could get the size right they would be great
by Kristen
on 11/13/2013
Excellent shoes
LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. I also got some water proofing spray for shoes and put that on these. I will tell you it is so easy to just wipe them clean .
by keri
on 10/10/2013
great shoe
as a nurse comfort is important above all and theses shoes are very very comfortable till i was soo surprised, didnt expect it! these shoes hugs your feet. i wear size 8 an thought they would squeeze but my toes have adequate wiggle room, are they are slip resistant. overall great shoe!
by sekeatha
on 9/10/2013
yes there r slip resesiant
by Meg's
on 9/5/2013
Are they slip resistant shoes?
by sekeatha
on 8/22/2013
love this shoes
Theses shoes are very light and so comfortable but are cut big i wear a 7.5 but i purchase a 7 because the are a whole size so slip of my feet so im wondering should i buy a 6
by Linda
on 8/18/2013
Awesome !
I love these clogs but just got a notice that we have to wear skid-resistant shoes. They look like they are but am not sure. Does anyone know ?
by Ash
on 8/12/2013
Heel size ?
Does anyone know what is the heel size on these ?
by Kayla
on 7/18/2013
Too Big
I usually wear a 5 1/2 so based on other reviews I thought a 6 would fit nice since most said they ran small. Not the case. A size 6 is almost 2 inches too big!!! If you have a small foot beware of sizing.
by lifesavernurse
on 4/7/2013
The comfort clogs are just that-COMFORTABLE!! I absolutely love them AND the price!! The closed heel makes it an even better fit. I just wish they came in different colors!
by Irene
on 10/3/2012
by Carrie
on 9/21/2012
Can't beat these!!!
These shoes are amazing! There is no other shoe that can compare to these! Before I got these I had terrible pain in my heels and back. With these don't even feel like you've been on your feet all day! I RECOMMEND THESE TO EVERYONE I TALK TO!!!!!
by Ruth Meilstrup
on 8/13/2012
cured my plantar fasciitis
Another nurse put me onto these clogs. I was having a lot of trouble with plantar fasciitis. The heel is so spongy, it eliminated heel pain. The arch is nice and high. I use wool socks with them, since they don't breathe well, and also replaced the insole with an OTC orthotic. My plantar fasciitis resloved over several months, but the podiatrist and PT hadn't helped a bit. For 10 bucks, how can you go wrong?
by Debra
on 3/5/2012
So comfortable
These are so light weight!! They look great with scrubs. I saw a review that said they felt small. I found they run big.I wear a 6 1/2 and the 7 are pretty roomy. My mom wears the same size , but wide and she would go down a size too.
by Dimitri Borozny
on 2/14/2012
These clogs are great.Comfortable,best fit and comfort when worn barefoot,do not wear any type of socks or hosery.
by bradndez
on 11/22/2011
seem a little small
I just received these, so I haven't worn them on a shift yet, but they seem a bit small right out of the box. I am a perfect size 10 normally, and it feels like my toe is hitting the end of the shoe. I'm going to try them and see if they stretch a bit as others have stated. Otherwise, they are SUPER cushy! It's like walking on a marshmallow! They look good, and seem like they would be wonderful for being able to scrub them to keep them clean. (or even wipe down with lysol when needed!) If they stretch a bit, I'd say they're perfect.
by Darlene
on 9/13/2011
This shoe is very comfortable. It feels like you are walking on clouds. I have bought many shoes in the past and paid a lot more money, however none of those shoes compare to these. I would highly recommend these shoes. They are indeed worth the $5 or $10.
by nurse kimmy-pooh
on 8/12/2011
Great shoes. comfortable. like walking on clouds. only issue is no ventilation. sweaty feet. wear thick socks.
by lindsey
on 7/25/2011
Great shoes, Great price!
Wow! An affordable and comfortable shoe. I have had the same pair for 2 1/2 years. I have flat feet, so i put Gel insoles in them and they are wonderful. I wore them through my pregnancy, and work long hours. They really feel great on and are well worth the 10$!!!
by crystal
on 7/12/2011
I love these shoes. I got them just for LPN graduation and after i wore them that day i brought them to my job and i wear them they are so comfortable. I recommend them to everyone.
by kim
on 5/24/2011
great for fast pace
Clinic nurse. These shoes are fantastic for standing walking and running. I would wear them anywhere. Must wear thicker socks if you have sweaty feet. These do not breath. But excellent otherwise...cute little carrying bag included.
by Stephanie
on 3/11/2011
Sizing isn't true
I got these shoes and I wear a size 10 but a size 10 in these shoes my toe feels like they are hitting the very end of the shoe and it's uncomfortable. I have to keep these and use them since my clinical starts tomorrow, but I will be looking for another paid due to my toes being squished. I would go up a size, but I am afraid if I do then they won't fit either.
by Chantel
on 11/6/2010
Amazing shoes
I am a CNA and a nursing student and am constantly on my feet. These shoes are amazing I recommend them to eveyone.. I can honestly say these shoes are the best shoes I have ever bought. As a cna I commonly work double shifts and with these shoes they make my job much easier. I had a pair of 100$ Nike shocks and after an 8 hour shift I would come home complaining of upper back and lower leg spasms, with these shoes I don't get spasms even after a 16 hour shift. I absolutely love these shoes I wear them all the time and am going on my 3rd pair!!! Did I mention I recommend them to everyone?!?
by Brenda Mann
on 10/24/2010
Happy comfortable feet
I have rheumatoid arthritis and the circulation in my legs and feet is a problem. Wearing shoes is hard due to swelling of my feet. I tried on a pair of these and I was amazed....these are a God send. I haven't had a comfortable shoe like this in many's like walking on air. Now I have happy comfortable feet. Thank you and please keep the shoe available for many years to come.
by Aimee
on 9/16/2010
Great shoes- even for wide feet!
After reading the positive reviews, I decided to give these inexpensive shoes a try. I was very pleased with these shoes!! Very light and comfortable and I am still wearing them after a year, although I am looking into buying a new pair because, after so much use, they are losing their grip on wet surfaces. I have wide feet, so when I first tried them on, I thought they seemed a little too snug. However, after wearing them for a little while, they stretched out just enough to fit my feet, so I am very pleased! The only odd thing about the shoes is, when I first got them, the tread seemed to suction to the floor, so when I walked, it made a funny popping sound. Nothing that was a fall risk, just a little noise, which eventually went away as the tread ore down.
by Rae
on 8/24/2010
Run Large
Based upon another review stating these run small, I ordered a size larger (8 instead of 7). BIG mistake. They were HUGE even with inserts I added. Gave these to a friend who wears size 8. They were too big for her as well AND they stretched some more with wear. Otherwise, I felt they were lightweight and least for the 5 minutes I got to wear them. Am going to try a size 6 this time. Hopefully the fit will be better.
by nelly
on 7/9/2010
registered nurse
Where do I begin! I absouloutely love these shoes they are soooooooooooooooo comfyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. You wont regret it. I work 12 long hours at night and be on my feet from the time I begin until the time i leave and my feet dont burn or hurt at the end of shift. My fellow nurses if your tired of sore feet invest in these shoes, you will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent price thank u marcus uniform you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Barbara
on 5/31/2010
Natural Uniforms Comfort Clogs
The GREATEST shoes ever! I wish I could wear them everywhere!
by Gigi M
on 5/25/2010
by Lisa
on 5/23/2010
Great for retail too!
I have plantar fasciitis in both feet Due to working in retail for 25 + years walking/standing on concrete floors. I have spent $100 plus on various shoes designed for comfort but nothing worked. Then I found these shoes, I am in Heaven!!!! They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn to work. We are not allowed to wear sneakers, but these shoes are even more comfortable. I just put an order in for the employees at my store. Now we will all have happy feet!!!
by Dee
on 12/9/2009
What a great shoe for a great price! They wear like iron but are so light and cushiony that you feel like you're wearing slippers! Great for working 13hr shifts without ANY foot pain at all! Highly recommended! Will buy more!
by Tami
on 11/14/2009
Love these
I work on my feet in a pharmacy all day and these saved me. Now I have to place another order because all my co-workers want in on the action! Might as well get another pair for myself while I'm at it.
by Tam
on 10/30/2009
Great nursing shoes
I wish I had found these shoes years ago, they are so comfortable and don't fall off (no strap needed) and the black clogs can be worn as part of the standard nursing uniform or with scrubs.
by stacy
on 10/13/2009
most comfortable shoes
These are the absolute most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in ten+ years of nursing . They are light , and they feel like you're walking on air. The cost makes them an even bigger value . I usually wear a 7 to 71/2 but got an 8 and they fit perfect . I reccommend them to everyone .
by Sandra
on 9/13/2009
so comfortable
I have to say these are the best shoes I have worn all day and my feet and legs were not tired. I am buy more !!!!!!!!
on 7/31/2009
Great shoes! (And cheap!)
These are the greatest bargain I have ever discovered. I have three pair, and they are so comfortable that my daughter wears them around the house all the time. I bought them for work, and they have ruined me for any other shoe! I recently noticed my white ones are looking scruffy and so set out to find a new pair of white work shoes, but they are all expensive and non as comfy as these! So I am reordering them. They also lasted well, as I have worn them every 2-3 days for about 3 years now. Unbeatable value!
by Jasmin L.
on 7/3/2009
SOOOO Comfortable....
These shoes are soooo comfortable and so unbelieveably lightweight. Seriously, they weigh like 8 ounces each! I'm on my feet from 7am to 6pm everyday and these are unbeatable at $9.99. Those $100 and up shoes can not compare to these! Absolute MUST BUY!
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