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Natural Uniforms Women's Clogs

Natural Uniforms Women's Clogs

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Description: Natural Uniforms Women's Clogs. This is a lightweight and flexible comfort clog. Man-made material.

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by Kimmie
on 11/12/2014
I have planters Fasciitis which is extremely painful. It's like walking on big rocks. These shoes have worked wonders. They are like walking on cushions yet they are stable and supportive. They have even helped with my back problems....last an incredible long time. Wash easily by hand or toss them in the washer. There not pretty but who cares....they are comfy and my feet are happy.
by Tracy
on 7/30/2014
So Comfortable!
I love these shoes! Had my pair for 2 years and just now getting worn on bottom and becoming slick on wet surfaces. SO comfy that I can't even tell I have shoes on! After being on my feet all day, I don't even take them off when I get home like I used to do with other work shoes AND my feet and legs don't hurt like they used to! If they had half sizes that would be better. The size I purchased was tight but eventually stretched out. I tried the size higher but it was too big. I highly recommend these shoes!
by jill
on 3/2/2014
Can't say enough
Thirty eight years in the business and Never have I worn a more comfortable shoe. I do not sit during the day, I walk and stand and I find myself still in these well into the evening after work hours are over. The price still floors me that they haven't caught on to what a great product they are selling here. You can say I'm in for the long haul.
by Melissa
on 1/12/2014
These shoes are amazing this is the third year I have ordered them. They are the most comfortable shoes I have has in my 24 year career. As for being slick in rain, I totally disagree unless they are older and the bottom has worn down.
by Tiffany
on 9/17/2013
Overall good shoe
This shoe is a pretty good shoe. I ordered it as white nursing shoes for my Radiology graduation ceremony but now continue to wear them in the field. As other's have said they do run a little big, but it is because if I could have ordered a half a size down, I would have but they do not offer half sizes. For the most part, I have found it is a comfortable shoe!
by Melba
on 9/6/2013
Everyone has been saying that these shoes run big. I dont think so. I wear a 7 and they are even just a little snug. Maybe if you ahve narrow feet they might be big but I have chubby feet and are not big at all. I hope this may help somebody make a decision on these shoes.
by sherrie
on 8/21/2013
slippery when wet
love these shoes...but they r real slippery on wet surfaces. not safe.
by Rhodope
on 6/13/2013
clog shoes
I have been wearing these comfortable & affordable clogs. No feet pain they are very easy to clean & most of all Nursing should always keep extra pairs. All my patients complement me on how nice my clogs are :))))))
by Angie
on 5/20/2013
I love these shoes...just wish they came in more colors!
by Debra Watson
on 4/26/2013
angel's wings for your feet
After going to your store and viewing a similar pair for 49.99 that were real leather I purchased these clogs in white for my medical classes. I could not afford the other shoes and I am sooooooooooooo glad. these clogs feel like an angel kissed my feet. And keeping them clean is so easy. Just wipe and go. This helps to keep you looking like a professional
by Kim
on 4/7/2013
Great clog & Great price
These Clogs run true to size. They are comfortable & have decent support for a cheap shoe. My feet were NOT hurting at the end of my shift.They usually do hurt wearing other clogs I have. I was pleasantly surprised. I got the light pink & they are sooo pretty! I highly recommend these. Would love to see more COLORS available in these!!!
by Melody
on 3/26/2013
My Most Comfortable Shoe!
I have plantar fasciitis and this is by far my most comfortable shoe! After being on my feet all day, my feet still feel good! I've bought shoes much more costly that were not as comfortable! I HIGHLY recommend these clogs!
by Haley
on 1/8/2013
Great Shoe
I will say, my strap broke the second day that I wore them, but I have worn them every day since. I absolutely love this shoe. Very comfortable for all day wear! The price in great too!
by Cindy
on 12/6/2012
Best Shoes!
I finally found a great shoe at a great price that I recieved in the mail today! I've had them on for 5 hours now and they are so comfortable. What you read is true. I will be ordering more next week in other colors! I have heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. I have spent a lot of money on shoes that made my feet feel worse! My daughter is buying a pair and a co-worker is ordering a pair as well.
by Gina
on 9/9/2012
Strap Broke 1st week
They are pretty comfy but I'm not too thrilled that the strap broke the first week of wearing them. Really can't beat the price though!!
by Courtney
on 8/22/2012
Comfy Shoes!!
I am a cna student that needed some comfy shoes! These shoes were the exact fit and look i wanted! Very easy to clean. I love the material. GREAT shoes for the price. Best yet! Will buy another pair and recommend to my classmates :)
by Joyce
on 8/11/2012
Home Health care
Love them, I have problems with my feet and I'm on my feet a lot, these clogs are so comfortable. Just wish they came in more colors. They run a bit big, but for me it's perfect. Will be ordering more
by Carol
on 8/6/2012
I bought two pair to start. I use them in the barns. Keeps my feet dry & are non slip on wet milkroom floors, & outside in the goat pens & even on hay wagons. When dirty, you wash them off with a hose & a brush. I wore a pair to work one day & ended up ordering 10 more pairs for friends & co workers, then another 7 pair, & I just put in an order in for another 9 pairs. Love these Clogs & the price is Fantastic!!
by Michelle
on 7/23/2012
Favorite Nursing Shoes!
I absolutely love these shoes and have them in three colors! (Black, White (2pr) and Brown! I wish Natural Uniform would make them in more colors! Like, purple, orange, lilac, green, yellow and red! I could not believe just how comfortable they are! I can work 12 hr shifts and my feet feel like I have been wearing slippers all day long. Love the way my feet do not slide around in them, never get wet when giving patients showers. By far the best shoe I have worn for work!
by Jess
on 7/23/2012
Best Shoes ever!
These shoes are so comfortable. I wear these shoes working outside, cleaing house and shopping. I can wear them all day and my feet never tire! I have told so many people about these shoes and I think I should get commission. They are great for elderly people too! I got a pair for my Mom and Mother in law. They don't wear their expensive SAS shoes anymore.
by Jill
on 6/26/2012
Love these clogs!
I love these clogs. The first pair I found by chance in a store and decided to try them. Loved them but couldn't find them again. Then I happened upon them in a Marcus Uniforms Catalog. I ordered a second pair in Navy blue. Now all my friends want them. You can wear these out in the NY winters and still have warm and dry feet. I also would like to see more colors!
by Alfreda
on 6/13/2012
Very Pleased
I am a nurse. I brought these clogs because they were on sale and I need some nursing shoe. By the way I brought four pair, royal blue, pink, black and white. I am very pleasure with this shoe. They are very comfortable and lightweight. The insole is very soft. I love this shoe. I'm going to buy four more before they go off sale. I recommend this shoe. ******
by Brenna
on 5/27/2012
Soft and squishy!
I'm a nurse and only bought this shoe because of the rave reviews here. I was not disappointed! The heel is so soft and squishy and amazingly there is plenty of support for such a lightweight shoe. I'm buying another color!
by Michelle
on 3/31/2012
I bought a pair of these in white for work, just to try them out...crocs are NOT comfortable to me...I loved these so much that I just ordered another pair in black!!! I love them!!! After working 12 hours my feet feel amazing!!! I wish you would make them in different colors because I would buy a pair in every color available!!! BUY THESE! YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!
by Ro
on 1/7/2012
I have a left foot 2 nd digit hammer toe Not ready for surgery and these as a nursing shoe are more pliable than timberland and less expensive No more ulcerations on my toe
by deb maxwell
on 9/16/2011
best shoes ever
I cannot believe all these years spending so much money on lousy nursing shoes. These clogs are the best shoes that ever happened. They are so comfortable, my feet never hurt! I actually look forward to walking the 8 hour shift, like walking on clouds.
by June
on 7/20/2011
These are Life Savers
I am on my feet constantly, and have worn SAS shoes for over 5 yrs. those shoes cost over $100. were supplied by my employer. My feet were killing me, not to mention my legs and back. One day I was at a Good Will store and saw the Natural Uniform Clogs. Bought them thinking I would wear them around the house and yard. Guess what after I got them on my feet, couldn't and still can't stand to wear anyother shoes. Needless to say I wear them to work, and everywhere else. They are fantastic. And so affordable.
by Cyndell
on 7/19/2011
These shoes are YUMMY! Soft as a marshmallow and just as light, . . . really! I have foot problems, knee problems, and other ailments. These shoes allowed me to continue working. I even wore white ones to a formal function. This is now the only shoe I wear. I bought several pairs and shared them with friends and relatives.
by Paige C.
on 4/15/2011
AMAZING for Back Problems
I actually bought the black ones in size 11 at Garden Ridge in The Woodlands, TX. I have severe scoliosis, Flat back Syndrome, and Marfan's Syndrome, so I have chronic and excruciating pain in my back, legs, & feet especially when it is cold. These shoes saved my life this Winter and I have continued to wear them even after the cold is gone. I have nerve pain in my feet, but when I wear these, the pain is almost GONE, my back pain has decreased, and my leg pain is so much less. They insulate your feet and keep them from hurting if you have foot pain that worsens when it is cold. They are great even for people who don't stand on their feet all day. I reccomend them 100%!!!
by viginia xzar
on 1/17/2011
natural uniformscrubs and clogs
the clogs are Extreamly comfortable and the price way cheaper than other brans, the uniforms are also cheaper and comfortable than other brands.
by Tammy
on 11/13/2010
great clog
great shoes! Better than crocs, and way cheaper. Will be purchasing more.
by Tammy Cunningham
on 10/13/2010
Best Shoe Ever!!!
I love this Clog for work!!! I walk about 3 miles a shift and this is the best shoe ever for style, comfort, and price!!! I highly recomend this shoe!! I love them so much I am ordering another pair.
by Joycelyn
on 8/21/2010
Great Shoe, Excellent Price
I have bought a lot of work shoes and paid some high prices looking for comfort. After trying these clogs, I no longer wear the expensive shoes, but I am now buying my 4th pair of these clogs, which are worth more for their comfort. I would recommend these shoes to anyone. Try them, and you will love them.
by mary
on 6/17/2010
Very light weight
I don't know how you do it. These are fabulous, comfortable and so affordable. Please don't ever quit selling these. These are a God Send. One of the few actual good buys with good quality avaliable.
by Jana Enos, LVN
on 2/23/2010
The most EXCELLENT clogs yet!
Being somewhat of an expert of nursing shoes and being the owner of more then 20 pairs; especially the Croc brand, I thought I had found the utmost in comfort in them. That was until I read all the great reviews on these and decided to try 2 pair. Within the 1st day of wearing them, my feet simply feel amazing; like I'm walking on clouds with support ;) The sizing is TRUE to size which was something that the past reviewers did not mention and is an important factor for me being a size 10. The support and way that the shoe forms to your natural foot bed is simply amazing and unlike any other clog I've tried yet. They have built in but removable insoles that mold perfectly to your feet which means no more sloshing around in your clogs. I'm in the process of ordering 2 more pairs in different colors as I type this. You will LOVE this shoe and you cannot beat the amazingly low price! :)
by Jaci R
on 12/2/2009
I bought a pair after reading the reviews and these shoes are sooo comfy!! I wear my 60.00 nikes into work for 8 hours and my feet are killing me, wear these for 8 hours and its like I've only been wearing them for an hour! I walk alot in my career and these shoes are easy on my feet.... My sister and one of my coworkers even ordered a pair!!
by Stephanie N
on 10/15/2009
Very Comfortable
I ordered two pairs of these clogs in black and blue. I thought I would try these because my feet were hurting me so bad that I was willing to try something new. I got these and I am SO IN LOVE with these shoes. They are so comfortable. I find myself wearing them away from work as well. I've even worn the black pair to church with dress pants. I just love them. My feet have not bothered me so I am no longer waking up in the morning and limping to the bathroom. These shoes are wonderful. For the price too! I thought they were cheap but my feet loves them. I'm going to ordered these in all the colors now!!
by Melissa
on 10/14/2009
N.U. Review
I bought 2 pair of these shoes about 2 years ago. I wear them 5 days a week for 8 hour work shifts, alternating between my white pair & my black pair. I absolutely love them!! Great shoes for a great value! You can't beat the price!!
by charisse smith
on 8/11/2009
I love these shoes. I have bought 2 pairs while going through nursing school and love them. Ive had my fellow classmates buy some too, cause they were looking for comfortable shoes and their Nike's and Reebok's werent working for them. Would recommend 100%.
by teri bierbaum
on 8/5/2009
I work in a school cafeteria and this shoe has saved my back.Before after only two hours of being at work and my back would be killing me but,with natural uniforms the pain is gone.
by sherry hunt
on 7/20/2009
by j
on 5/4/2009
i was wearing shoes with holes because none of them work for me i bought all kind $40-$100 shoes you can name it reebok nike. iwas almost ready to cry when i told my charge nurse my problem she was wearing these shoes she bought a pair for me i don't have words to thank my charge nurse and the natural uniform company. i could not believe they are ten bucks but works more than million dollar shoes.
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