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Savvy Scrub Shopping Online

If you are working in the medical field, you are probably working long hours and do not have time to browse through uniform stores after work. Whether you are wearing solid scrubs or print scrub tops, you spend long hours in your medical scrubs so they should be professional, flattering and comfortable.

Many scrubs retailers offer mail order catalogs and websites that offer you the option of shopping for scrubs when it is convenient for you. If you arent in the store, how do you find the website that is best for you? Here are a few simple tips to turn you into a savvy online scrub shopper. If you dont have time to browse through a store, you certainly dont have time for online hassles. Shopping for scrubs online can be a fast, easy, inexpensive way to find the most comfortable and flattering scrubs.

1. Is the site secure?

Check out the first page of the website for symbols in the margin that reference security. Usually, there will be a picture of a lock at the bottom of the page when you begin entering order information or an icon in the margin that assures that the site is secure. If you have any questions, call and ask or send an e-mail. Feeling secure about providing your personal information online is very important.

2. Does the site offer a PayPal option?

PayPal is becoming a more popular option for paying for purchases online. Setting up an account is free. By paying with Paypal, you simply provide payment or credit card information one time to PayPal and then pay out of your PayPal account. Different vendors never have access to credit card information. Some customers prefer to use PayPal because all of their purchases are made through one source, keeping track of payment is easier and credit card information is only provided once.

3. What is the return policy?

Hassle free returns are an absolute requirement when purchasing scrubs online. If your scrubs arrive and dont meet your expectations, you need to be able to exchange them or get your money back as quickly as you placed your order. Browse through Customer Service sections of the website to find out if the vendor even allows returns, whether there is a time limit to return scrubs, whether or not you need a return authorization before sending scrubs back and whether you will be charged shipping again in order to make an exchange.

Most online scrubs retailers will ask that you pay the shipping cost to return your scrubs, but many will reship a new item to you free of charge in exchange. Beware of return labels that are included with your purchase because they are rarely free. If the vendor automatically includes a return label with your purchase, ask questions. Is use of the return label free of charge? Will your refund amount be reduced if you use the return label?

4. What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping costs can be an unwelcome surprise at the end of your online scrub shopping experience so it is best to do a little research before you start. A description of shipping charges should be easily accessible before your start browsing for scrubs. Check to see if the shipping is a flat rate or whether it escalates as your purchase increase. Also, check to see if there is a free shipping option. Many retailers offer free shipping with a minimum purchase. Take advantage of free shipping by pooling orders with co-workers or stocking up on your favorite scrub brands. Also, read the fine print. Some scrubs retailers transfer the responsibility of dealing with the shipper to the customer when the scrubs leave the warehouse. Others will provide tracking information either on the site or via e-mail and work with you to make sure that your scrubs arrive at their destination on time.

5. Are there size charts and color coordinates available?

If you arent purchasing a scrub brand and style that you are already familiar with, you will need a clear size chart to help make sure that your scrubs fit. Online vendors should provide a complete size chart. Also, because computer settings often vary, the color that appears on the screen may not be an absolute match to what appears on the fabric. Some vendors therefore list coordinating colors when selling prints to help make sure that your tops and pants match well.

6. Can you talk to a person if you have a question?

Make sure that whatever site you choose offers a readily available toll-free customer service telephone number so that you can talk to a person if you have questions. Whether you want to ask about a size, a fabric or the status of your order or return, sometimes you just need to speak to a representative to get all of your questions answered at the same time. 7. Does the website share your information? Just because you are buying scrubs online doesnt mean you want to take up your time with random advertisements from everybody else. Make sure that the site you choose does not share your e-mail address with other vendors even if they represent that the products that will be advertised to you will be related or of interest.

7. Is the website well organized?

Take a look at the menu options which are often found across the top or down the left margin of the page. Can you shop by brand? Are there a variety of brands to choose from? Can you shop by category such as scrub tops, scrub pants, lab coats or medical accessories? Are the images large enough to give you a fair idea of what you are purchasing? Is there a category for sales or specials? Can you find customer service information quickly and easily? You are shopping online to save time. Make sure that the site is well organized to allow you to make your shopping experience not only efficient, but pleasant as well.

By taking a few minutes to do a little savvy customer research, you can feel comfortable about scrub shopping online. No matter what shift you work, the online scrub stores are always open and often offer a huge selection of scrub brands, colors, sizes, styles and most importantly, sales. Grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up and get your scrub shopping done from the comfort of your own home.