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School/Company Links

For the convenience of students or employees of large medical service facilities in the medical field, we have added a menu option called School/Company Links.

Adding a link is free. Simply visit our site, designate those items that are required and those items that are recommended or optional and forward that list to us together with your logo. We’ll create the page for you. In some cases, we can even place special orders for you if the color or style that you require is not currently on the site.

Embroidery is available and can be added automatically for an additional fee.

Take advantage of the free shipping or 10% discount by combining orders and payment and then shipping to a single address within the continental U.S.

The School/Company Link also offers an opportunity for fundraising for student organizations. Simply collect the orders, place a cumulative order with a single payment and ship the items to a single destination. The 10% savings on orders over $300 can be distributed among the students placing orders or contributed to the organization’s activities.

For more information on School Scrub Links, please contact Mary Mueller at 800-453-3944 ext. 125. Please note that only authorized personnel can create a School/Company Link.