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Scrubs Medical Uniforms

When scrub medical uniforms were first worn the only color you could get was white, then as the medical community evolved you had the choice of blue and green as more and more doctors and hospitals steered away from the bright whites that showed blood too easily and were hard on the eyes. Even with the change in color most people found the hospital blues and greens to be depressing and in some cases even stressful for patients that found the hospital setting to be too institutional and a cause for anxiety. So most hospitals began to allow nurses and aides to wear different colors of scrubs in an effort to brighten up the environment and help their patients feel more at ease. The practice quickly caught on with manufacturers seeking to outdo each other every year with the latest styles and colors as well as a variety of colorful patterns, cartoon characters and more that grace the scrubs and medical uniforms that are available for medical personnel.

At first it was simply a few more colors such as different shades of blues and greens, then more colorful scrubs and medical uniforms were being used in children's hospitals as they went a long way to soothing children's anxiety and cheering them up. As time went on the new scrubs were found in more and more places such as doctor's offices, nursing homes and dental offices. What started as a way to help hospitals reduce anxiety in patients became a way for employees to express themselves and enjoy a bit of fashion even when in uniform. Now scrubs and medical uniforms not only offer different colors and patterns they also have different styles such as the wrap tops, eyelet trim tops and embroidered scrub tops. You can get a V neck or standard color and draw string pants or a regular elastic band. These options offer medical personnel a chance not only to stand out in the crowd but also to look their best even when wearing scrubs.

Different types of materials are available as well depending on your preference and comfort levels, everything from all cotton to blends and 100% synthetics are available depending on how much you want to pay for your scrubs. With so many different styles and brands available you will find it easy to find a set that fits you perfectly and makes you look great. Keep in mind that style is not everything, comfort is a must, but most name brand manufacturers of scrubs and medical uniforms keep this in mind when designing their styles of scrubs. Take the time to fit yourself properly for the scrubs you are buying and you will find that you will get a pair of scrubs that can be worn for 12 to 14 hours with little or no trouble. If you are looking for scrubs and medical uniforms, take a look at Marcus Uniforms they carry a large selection of name brand and discounted scrubs and offer you free shipping on all orders over $100.