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Surgical Scrubs

Gone are the days of plain white or blue surgical scrubs that populated hospitals and medical facilities, these days you have a wide array of colors and patterns to choose from when buying your surgical scrubs. Not only do you not have to stick with the boring colors that hospitals are known for but you should not, adding some color and variety has shown to make for a better work environment and even more important it can even help to cheer up patients that may be stressed or depressed about their stay in the hospital. Depending on what you are using them for, most hospitals will encourage you to use a bit of creativity in the surgical scrubs you wear, so for many people the colors and patterns they choose may be a matter of pride. The facility you work for may have rules as to what type of surgical scrubs you should choose however so make sure to check with them first. If they do not specify then you are ready to go shopping for your scrubs.

Of course color and patterns are only part of the picture there are many other factors to consider when shopping for your surgical scrubs, if you are going to be wearing them for 12 hours a day or more then it is even more important that you choose scrubs that are comfortable to wear. This means making sure that you get the right size, nothing is more uncomfortable than a set of surgical scrubs that are too tight and do not give you the freedom of movement that you need to do your job properly. Of course many people will over compensate and get surgical scrubs that are too big, this can be almost as bad as getting them too small since they will not fit properly and will constantly be getting in your way or causing you to have to stop and adjust them properly. Properly fitting surgical scrubs should allow you complete freedom of movement while still fitting to your body properly; when the right size is purchased you should find your scrubs to be very comfortable for the long shifts that you must use them for.

It is important to pay attention to the material your surgical scrubs are made from as well as the overall quality. Too many people end up buying the cheapest scrubs they can find then end up regretting it because the quality of the material is such that wearing them against your skin is uncomfortable and may cause you to sweat and be miserable. Make sure that you find surgical scrubs made from cotton or a cotton blend that you find to be comfortable, and be sure that the scrubs you buy are constructed properly. Cheap scrubs are no bargain if they wear out too fast or you are unable to wear them due to comfort. Marcus Uniforms offers a full line of surgical scrubs in lots of bright and cheerful colors, they offer many of the name brands and they also have a line of cheap scrubs for you to choose from. Orders over $100 are shipped free to save you even more money.