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White Swan Elastic Waist Scrub Skirt

White Swan Elastic Waist Scrub Skirt

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Description: White Swan Elastic Waist Scrub Skirt made of 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Poplin with Soil Release. This is an elastic waist skirt with two side pockets and back kick pleat. Approximately 30" length.

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Shocking Pink
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Average Rating: (based on 67 reviews)
by ruby
on 2/2/2017
Thank you
Another Apostolic nurse! Please keep providing these wonderful and comfortable skirts.
by Angela
on 4/3/2016
Great skirt!
I only wear skirts. I get compliments often for wearing a scrub skirt from my patients. Thank you for selling affordable scrub skirts in various sizes. These skirts are great! These skirts are easy to wear and wash well.
by susan
on 2/2/2015
I love these skirts , PLEASE make colors for spring - yellow - orange ( light colors) any color that would be pretty for spring. ty keep the colors coming
by Sonni
on 1/14/2015
Just what I needed
I'm Apostolic, and I had to have a scrub skirt for my nursing clinical. It's virtually impossible to find a scrub skirt at a scrub shop, and even more difficult to find it in my size. I was hesitant to order a skirt online; however; I was pleasantly surprised when I got my order today. This skirt is a perfect fit. It's not too short or too long, and it's not snug- I can move around in it. I love it and will be ordering more very soon. I wear a 22-24 and went for the 2X.
by Kelli
on 7/12/2014
Nice Skirts
These are nice skirts. Well made, comfortable. They do run a size too big though, so be aware of this when ordering. I had to return mine and exchange the size. the only reason I don't give it an excellent review is that for my 5'2", they are extremely long and will have to be cut off.
by Loni
on 3/4/2014
Love it! Modest and comfy
These are the best skirts I've found. They are long enough to keep me covered whether I'm sitting standing crouching. In the middle of a code I don't wont to be thinking "Am I showing anything?" I reccomend them highly!
by Patricia
on 3/2/2014
Thank you for filling a need...
I may be the only Catholic skirt-wearer in the entire world...but that's OK! Uniform skirts are virtually impossible to find, and people look at you as though you are asking for a reindeer side-saddle when you ask if they have them. Kudos to your company for supplying these cute & comfortable skirts in a variety of colors. Some of us in healthcare prefer the feminine look & style of a skirt.
by mel
on 10/26/2013
For years I had my scrub skirts made for me,then I received some as gift. I love the length and color selection. Thanks for making skirts that are modest!
by Amanda
on 9/9/2013
Good Quality
I am Apostolic, and for 13 years I've had to have my scrub skirts hand made. It is very nice to finally find ready made scrub skirts. I will advise however, the sizes run a little large, probably because of the elastic waist. I am an 8, so ordered a Medium, which is really too baggy. So, you will do well to order a size down from your normal skirt size. Thanks to Marcus for featuring skirts!
by Rachel
on 6/6/2013
I have been wearing these skirts for a few years and love them. They're a perfect length and good quality of fabric. I do wish they offered the color yellow as this is would be a good spring/summer color.
by Peggy
on 6/5/2013
Lavender and Yellow
I love these skirts, they would be a perfect color wheel if lavender and yellow were added. Please don't discontinue them!!
by Meghan
on 6/2/2013
Hunter Green Please!
I love this skirt but I really really need a hunter green one! I converted a pair of scrub pants into a skirt but I constantly have to re-stitch them after every shift. Please get a hunter green. :)
by Angie Wiley
on 5/22/2013
by Karlata Sparling
on 4/11/2013
Love these skirts
I have been wearing these skirts for over 6 years or more when the scrub dresses I was used to ordering were no longer available. Actually I have in 2 sizes as my weight changes from time to time, but love the comfortable fit. Thanks for keeping them available in catalog. karlata
by Brandi Jordan
on 10/29/2012
I love the skirts. They are perfect in length and VERY comfortable!
by Sherese
on 10/15/2012
My skirts just came in the mail and I am super pleased..just the right length for those of us looking for modesty. I am impressed with the quality of the fabric and the comfortable fit.
by Sara
on 7/31/2012
Need Caribbean blue
Just received these skirts and really like what I see so far. The size seems a bit larger than expected. By the sizing chart, I should have ordered the next size larger, but I had read they were a little bigger than the size so I ordered my normal size. They are still a little large. I like that it's not tight, just hope it's not too loose either. The length is great. My hospital requires Caribbean Blue for RN's although they have allowed skirts in black or white as a concession to the numerous antibaptist employees who don't wear pants. It would be nice to have Caribbean Blue available as well.
by Stephanie
on 6/28/2012
I am a nurse and have been ordering these skirts for the past few years! They are the best scrub skirts EVER! perfect in length and easy to move around it. thank you for still selling these skirts! I hope you never discontinue them!
by Elaine
on 5/6/2012
I'm a long haired skirt nurse. Love these!!!!
by Rebecca
on 4/25/2012
Love this skirt
I read the reviews and ordered two of these skirts for work. I am also a nurse and prefer skirts, especially the longer length. I debated between ordering a M or L, and one of the reviews stated they ran a little on the large size, so I ordered the M and they fit great.
by Debbie Underfinger
on 4/21/2012
I've posted here about a year ago, talking about my purple passion color skirt I bought and the color is still standing strong! It would be so great if you can get other colors, as I would be sending alot of people here, not just for nursing. I wear my purple passion skirt under a purple dress to add length to my shorter dresses as a contrast. It would be great for you to add all kinds of colors as I see there are many Apostolic/Pentecostal women posting already. I am looking for Hunter Green and Lavender. Thank you! And may God Bless your site!
by Cristie
on 3/6/2012
Skirt color
I am an Apostolic and don't wear pants... it's so nice to be able to order skirts, but we have switched colors... I would like to see Teal in these skirts to match the tops and jackets! Thanks so much!!!!
by jami
on 11/16/2011
go green
im a apostolic and just recently started workin in a nursing home. i am required to wear green all january and cant find scrub skirt any where . TILL I FOUND THIS WEBSITE!!!!! but yall do not supply the color hunter green so it would be a blessin if u would do that for me.
by Ashley
on 6/24/2011
Just got a job as an RN and I wear these skirts. They are very comfortable and easy to run around in. The length is perfect. I bought two and plan to buy more in the future. Very pleased.
by Debbie Underfinger
on 6/17/2011
I am also Apostolic. I stand 5'3" and the length of the skirt hits right in the middle of my calf, just as I like it. I have one color that has lasted forever it seems, Purple Passion. It is such a gorgeous color I bought from here, and the color is still perfect! The skirt is full, straight looking, and that's the way I like it.
by Emily
on 6/16/2011
love these!!!
I am sooooo excited.....I am also an Apostolic.....and I am also a surgical tech. and I am in love with these skirts!!!!!!
by Megan
on 4/28/2011
Love them!
I just got my first job as a cna and I bought two of these skirts. I LOVE them! I am a Pentecostal and only wear skirts so these are great! Perfect length! I'm getting more in different colors really soon!
by Christi
on 4/11/2011
I am so glad to see you are still selling these skirts. I am Apostolic as well and only wear skirts. I am short so the only problem I have is they are a little long on me but the sewing machine fixes that problem. Thanks so much for helping us by selling these.
by susan
on 3/24/2011
Ive bought these skirts for years,best fitting that ive found.Only wish you have more colors like you have in the pants.Us ladys that only wear skirts would like to look springish fallish also ! Wouldnt we ladys ? Please hurry and have more colors not one at a time please. Thanks also for the length every one dont want to show there body.
by Barbara
on 3/4/2011
I previously stated, how much I love all of the skirts that I purchased. My sister also love the skirts, but she is much taller than I, and the skirts are shorter on her. Could you please make skirts longer, for taller people who wear 4X.
by Cheryl
on 3/2/2011
love these skirts
I love these skirts, I too only wear skirts and love the length of these.Hope you keep them in stock.
by Barbara
on 2/27/2011
I love these skirts so much, I bought 8, they are the perfect length.
by Cindy
on 2/27/2011
I love all the skirts you have,I would like know when the next colors will be out. The color I am looking for is yellow or orange thank you for the color you have now.
by faye mays
on 2/24/2011
THANK YOU finally found a relaxig skirt,yes i am a Apostolic Pentecostal ,FOUND A SKIRT A LAST ,we need more colors like grey, sage
by Elizabeth
on 2/16/2011
Love these!
Another Apostolic Pentecostal skirt wearing nurse here!! Searched everywhere so glad to have found these! There comfortable and modest and the new colors are wonderful...keep them coming:-)
by Domonique
on 1/31/2011
I ABSOLUTELY love these skirts because I am Apostolic and finding scrub skirts here in Baltimore is nearly impossible! Thank you! Hope to see more colors soon :)
by ANurse
on 1/29/2011
Love these skirts. Please add lilac and purple.
by emily
on 1/26/2011
thank you .... it is so hard to find nice scrub skirts... and in colors...
by Hester
on 1/22/2011
more colors
on 1/15/2011
I'am so glad I came across this site so hard to find uniform skirts. I'am Apostolic and only wear skirts. I hope to see more variety of colors to choose from soon. these skirts are soooo comfortable :-)
on 12/31/2010
by Tammy
on 11/4/2010
More colors
Love the skirts. It's so hard to find skirts & I don't wear pants. Wish you would sell more colors like you use to. Could you please get more colors? like purple, turquoise, lilac, hunter green, teal, wine, cotton candy, raspberry, olive, caribbean blue, new navy, gray, orange, yellow & more...
by Rachel
on 9/21/2010
More Colors!!
I'm so thankful to have finally found scrub skirts! I have been pleased with my purchase. It would be nice to have a more colors available, maybe different shades of blue, purple, and green.
by katrina
on 9/16/2010
excellent price fit and comfort
i have been buying these skirts for over 3 years now and am very happy with them. i too am pentecostal and it is very hard to find colorful skirts especially in larger sizes. i appreciate these colors but would love more colors. there is a need for sizes 5x and 6x also. they will be so much appreciated. marcus uniforms makes a larger person feel they too can wear whats in style and not just some common all the time.
by Melissa
on 8/6/2010
Love these skirts
I dont wear pants so finding scrub skirts is almost impossible..thanks for offering these! How about offering purple??
by Angie
on 8/4/2010
Thank you for selling skirts and the beautiful colors that you offer. Thank you for great prices. I appreciate this.
by Stephanie
on 7/29/2010
I just recieved the skirts and love them. Now you need to make a lilac purplish color!!!! Going to order more
by Marcella Brunson
on 7/4/2010
I don't wear pants and it's hard to find skirts.I love these skirts.I've been wearing them for a few years now. I have one of every color, and now I see you added two new colors for me to purchase. These skirts last a long time, and are of good quality material. Thanks a bunch
by Stephanie
on 4/19/2010
I am very pleased with the skirts. Good length and very comfortable to work in. Thanks so much. Will be purchasing more in the near future!
by Traci
on 4/14/2010
I am also pentecostal. Finding scrub skirts at the right length is so difficult. I'm so excited that I found some in so many colors!:)
by Connie
on 4/12/2010
I am pentecostal, do not wear pants. Trying to find skirts was almost impossible!! I stumbled onto your website. I was surprised by all the color choices!! Please continue to carry skirts. Pentecostal women will be happy. I told everyone at my church about you too. Love the product!!!!
by rtgirl
on 3/20/2010
I previously state that I love your skirts but would also like to add that I would love to see more colors like yellow, ceil blue, etc. Thanks!
by rtgirl
on 3/15/2010
Very pleased
I am very happy with the scrub skirts I purchased. I was worried about the length and comfort, but they are just perfect! I am glad you have various colors and the price is good! I get so many compliments at work. I will be purchasing more!!
by Shellie
on 1/26/2010
It's so hard to find scrub skirts. I don't wear pants so I was very happy & pleased when I found this website. I recommended it to a friend ;) The fit was perfect. I wear a size 4-6 and bought an extra small and it was just right. It was a little longer that I anticipated, but it was an easy fix. THANKS!
by bernice page
on 1/2/2010
I have always had a hard time finding skirts. I'm so happy and hope you continue to keep skirts on your site.Thank you
by Sherry
on 10/30/2009
Skirts Only
Love these skirts. I don't wear slacks. I have been a nurse for almost 30 years and have trouble finding skirts in popular colors in scrubs. Great value. Excellent weight. Have many of the colors. Thanks Marcus.
by mrsALnurse
on 10/29/2009
Love the skirts!!
I love the skirts I have just about all the colors. Please add grey and a matching grey scrub jacket too. Looking forward to new colors!! Thanks for having these skirts. This website is about the only one that has a decent length.
by Moore
on 9/4/2009
I love these skirts I have the colors can you please add more clors like gray , teal , yellow, green, lime ,orange etc.....
by Donna
on 8/25/2009
Love the skirts
I went on line, "googled"" scrub skirts and found this site. I am so happy to have found these modest skirts in a variety of colors- I have them all. I am a nurse and do not wear slacks so I need these skirts. Thanks for the chocolate! I need some greens, such as celery or sage, forest, and kelly. Burgundy would be nice, too. Thanks so much for carrying these skirts!!
by Ami
on 8/14/2009
I LOVE these skirts. PLEASE add more colors!!!! They are sooo comfortable. I have all of them.
by Maria Ybanez
on 8/13/2009
I love these skirts, I have to wear solid ciel blue, keep making em, but we need pretty feminine solid tops and light support pantyhose, we had over 100 degree weather for 42 days, those full support are killers to put on....
on 8/12/2009
Love these skirts!! Please add more colors. Grey, turquiose, and burgundy would be nice.
by Elena
on 8/11/2009
I love these skirts, comfy, lasting a long time, fit is great too. Please add more colors! Thank you!
by Nurse
on 6/24/2009
I love these skirts. I have all the colors. They are very comfortable. Please add grey as your next color. Thanks for the chocolate.
by mrsnurse1
on 6/2/2009
love the skirts
please add more colors, I love the length and the comfort of the skirts.
by JEW
on 5/13/2009
need teal & grey
I love these skirts. I wear them with a pair of slip shorts. They are long enough and fit well. I really wish they would get teal & grey in the line up though. I would love yellow too! Very satisfied with this product!
by mz1dful
on 3/13/2009
i love these skirts they are comfortable to work in..i am glad that they have more colors now...i wish they would put burg. in the next color...
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