Veterinary P rints D ITE N! LIMITIO D E LIMITED EDITION! NEW! NEW! WonderWink 4-Stretch Wuff Waggin Knit Panel Top ITEM 6717A-WUI: XS-XL $23.98 | 2XL-3XL $26.98 Sporty Button Front Jacket ITEM 8117A-WUI: XS-XL $29.98 | 2XL-3XL $32.98 WonderWink 4-Stretch Doggy Lovin Y-Neck Top ITEM 6417A-DGL: XS-XL $25.98 2XL-3XL $28.98 WonderWink 4-Stretch Fetch Sporty V-Neck Top ITEM 6217A-FTC: XS-XL $23.98 2XL-3XL $26.98 WonderWink will donate a portion of sales to Best Friends Animal Society on our pet prints. Best Friends Animal Society is focused on stopping the killing of nearly 4 million pets in shelters all across America. WHITE CROSS WHITE CROSS ile t! Wh Las ey Th SALE! LIMITED EDITION! LIMITED EDITION! NEW! NEW! E. Libby Dog Tags V-Neck Top ITEM EV200C-DOGT: XS-XL $12.99 $6.99 Carhartt Prancer V-Neck Top ITEM C16104-PCR: XS-XL $21.98 2XL-3XL $24.98 White Cross Corral Multi V-Neck Top ITEM 617-PCM: XS-XL $20.95 2XL-3XL $22.95 4XL-5XL $24.95 Dickies EDS Just Hanging Around V-Neck Top ITEM DK700-JUHA: XS-XL $16.99 2XL-5XL $18.99 More Prints & Size Charts Available Online Electric Blue Butterfly Compression Sock ITEM 883723: $6.99 Pets 'N Paws ITEM 883770: $8.99 Minnie Mouse Face Watch ITEM 930700: $29.99 Minnie Nurse Watch ITEM 7300: $29.99 Orchid Lipstick Lime 883726 Pink 883725 883724 1-800-453-3944 | 57