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Marcus Uniforms | March 2011

White Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 22. March 2011 20:58
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White Scrubs - Where to Shop for White Scrubs

In the past few decades many people have steered away from white scrubs in an effort to retain a sense of identity. However many people still prefer white scrubs or they may be required at their job. The problem is that it can be hard to find white scrubs because of the lack of popularity.   Whether you're looking for white scrubs because you prefer them, or because your workplace requires them, you'll find them at Marcus Uniforms.

If you need to find white scrubs your best choice is to shop online, you will find that large uniform stores such as Marcus Uniforms offer a large inventory and this includes white scrubs. You will be able to find them in plenty of different styles and sizes including some of the more hard to find sizes. Please visit us at Marcus Uniforms to browse our large selection of white scrubs.

Discount Medical Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 21. March 2011 18:36
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Discount Medical Scrubs - How to Find Discount Medical Scrubs

Few if any of us can afford to waste money on anything these days, this means finding the best deals on everything we need. Discount medical scrubs can help you save a bundle on your uniform needs, and there are plenty of ways to save money and still look great. Discount medical scrubs are offered in many different places but they are not always what you are after, just because you need a better price does not mean that you want to look bad or be uncomfortable.

By shopping online many times you can get discount medical scrubs that are name brand but do not carry name brand prices. You should look for sales, clearances overstocks and not wait until you need your scrubs to buy. Buy your scrubs when they go on sale for a heavily discounted price. This way you will get the best deals and will never have to rush to buy scrubs when you need them. Please visit us at Marcus Uniforms to see our selection of scrubs at a discount price.

Scrubs Catalog

by MarcusUniforms 18. March 2011 18:05
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A Scrubs Catalog May offer the Best Selection

Tired of the poor selection of scrubs that your local store has to offer? Marcus uniforms offers online sales as well as a scrubs catalog for you to choose from. A scrubs catalog allows you to take your catalog to work with you, a great alternative if you are doing a group order to save money on your uniform needs or to try to coordinate uniforms with your co-workers.

Even if you would rather order online, you can use the catalog to get the orders from your work and then place the orders in the comfort of your own home. Online ordering is secure and much faster, so this can be a great alternative if you are comfortable with it.

Group orders save even more at Marcus Uniforms, not only will your shipping be free for orders over $99 but you will save 10% on orders over $300.

Discount Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 17. March 2011 17:47
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Discount Scrubs- How to Shop for Discount Scrubs

Just because you want discount scrubs does not mean that you want poor quality, you still need your scrubs to be comfortable and to hold up to the demands they are put under. You can buy your scrubs from your local stores but when buying discount scrubs there what you will get is a low quality scrubs that you are trying to avoid.

The best trick to finding discount scrubs is to start by shopping online, not only will your scrubs cost you less money across the board but if you wait for sales and clearance items you may be able to get name brand scrubs for discount prices. Marcus Uniforms offers you 3 ways to get discount scrubs, not only will you save every day on our name brand merchandise we also offer discount scrubs and frequently have sales and clearance event that will save you even more.

Surgical Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 16. March 2011 18:09
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Surgical Scrubs - Finding Surgical Scrubs that Fit

 None of us are made exactly the same and for some of us it can be hard to find the right surgical scrubs to fit us right. Whether it is because we are too short, too tall, too small or too big, our unique size can offer a challenge in trying to find a pair of surgical scrubs that will fit us properly. The best way to go about solving this problem is to widen your search and look for sources of scrubs that offer a wider range of sizes and brands.

The Internet can be a good option for this, Marcus Uniforms for instance offers a wide range of sizes for most every person and has sizing charts that can help ensure your get the right size you need. We also offer petite, short and tall surgical scrubs offering you an even wider selection of choices.

Buy Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 15. March 2011 19:16
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Buy Scrubs - Where is the Best Place to Buy Your Scrubs

When you get ready to buy scrubs you have a lot of different choices of how to buy them, you may be able to buy them through your work, but you will be limited to only they choices they offer, which may not be enough for you for variety of reasons. You can also go to your local brick and mortar stores but most of the time the expense of buying scrubs in uniform stores is more than you want to deal with. Local department stores offer a better price but again their selection is extremely limited both in the types of scrubs as well as the sizes they carry.

The best place to buy scrubs is on the Internet, you will never need to worry about selection and the online stores tend to have the best range of sizes available if sizing is normally a problem for you. You will also find that because they have a lower overhead that most often their prices are much better than the stores are. At Marcus Uniforms we offer a great selection, affordable prices and free shipping with orders over $99.

Nurses Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 14. March 2011 18:03
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Nurses Scrubs - What to Do When you cannot Find the Right Scrubs

 When you spend all of your waking hours in a pair of nurses scrubs you need to find a pair that feels comfortable and you feel good wearing. This means they need to fit right, feel good on your skin and look great, unfortunately it can be hard to find all of the above in a pair of scrubs especially if you are trying to buy them around town in your local brick and mortar stores.

If you are having a hard time finding nurses scrubs that work for you, why not try buying your nurses scrubs online through Marcus Uniforms? We are proud to offer an extensive line of scrubs from several different manufactures and in many different styles. We offer a sizing chart to ensure that you are getting the right pair of scrubs, and even offer free shipping on orders over $99 to ensure you get the best price possible.

A Guide to Pooling Scrubs Orders

by MarcusUniforms 11. March 2011 20:08
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Maximize Savings, Minimize Hassle

You may have noticed that the price of your favorite scrub top or pant is slowly starting to creep up to reflect industry wide increases in raw materials such as cotton. This might be a good time to consider pooling orders with co-workers because many catalog companies offer volume discounts or shipping promotions for larger orders that can add up to excellent values for you. Marcus Uniforms offers a 10% discount on orders over $300 and free UPS Ground shipping within the continental US on orders over $100. Taking a few minutes to glance over the Customer Service section might result in substantial savings for everyone.

You may be reluctant to suggest pooling orders because sometimes the individual that speaks up is saddled with the responsibility, but with just a little be of advanced planning and a few easy organization tips, you can maximize the savings and minimize the hassle.

To Begin

Let co-workers know that you are submitting a group order to take advantage of discount pricing and free shipping and the minimum order amount required. That can be as easy as posting a note in the lunch room, at the time clock, or even on a social network such as Facebook. Your employer might even be willing to assist. Include a website for the vendor, a location for catalogs and a firm deadline for submitting orders. This might also be a good time to contact the vendor to request a few extra catalogs to distribute at work. Hang on to your own copy as a reference. At Marcus Uniforms, you can request free catalogs online by simply clicking the Request Catalog link in the top corner of the page at You may also want to let co-workers know that if the pooled order reaches $300, everyone can take advantage of a 10% discount on their scrubs order, not to mention free UPS Ground shipping as long as you are within the continental US. This is a good time to stock up on essentials, shoes and medical accessories. Co-workers can even submit their orders on a downloadable order form.

The Spreadsheet

Once you’ve gathered the orders, it’s time to create the master order form and collect the funds. Always collect funds in advance of placing the order to avoid uncomfortable misunderstandings later. Provide a receipt for cash and have checks made out to you so that a single payment method can be used. Using an Excel Spreadsheet offers numerous shortcuts for group orders. Taking just a few minutes to set one up will save so much time later in the process.

Here is a sample format which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your group:

You can add a column for each person to initial that they’ve checked over their scrubs order, a column for people to check when they’ve picked up their order from you or, for our international customers, a column to distribute USPS shipping charges or even to calculate exchange rate. The advantage of the spreadsheet is that it will recalculate your totals for you quickly and efficiency if changes are needed and can be used again in the future.

More importantly, the spreadsheet offers a quick and simple way to submit the order. At Marcus Uniforms, for example, you have several options to submit the order: by phone with a credit card; online using a credit card, Checkout by Amazon or PayPal; by fax or by US Mail. Just make sure that you are using a single payment form for the entire order and shipping to a single address to take advantage of the discount. In a hurry? Fax or e-mail the spreadsheet and Marcus Uniforms will enter the order for you and either call you for credit card information or send a PayPal invoice. Just be sure to write down your order number for future reference and to provide an e-mail address so that tracking information can be sent as soon as the package is shipped.

Receiving the Order

One of the most common mistakes that group orders encounter is allowing individuals to take their scrubs, shoes or medical accessories from the order before it is completely checked in. Unfortunately, this often leads to stressful issues about missing sizes or items that are difficult to track down and resolve. Avoid that headache by checking in the order completely first against your spreadsheet and the packing list that will accompany the order.

Once you have checked in the merchandise, ask co-workers to pick up their order and initial the spreadsheet. A good paper trail in the short run has long term benefits.

Controlling returns

Set a date for co-workers to make returns or exchanges and use that spreadsheet again adding a column for item returns and item requested. Marcus Uniforms reships exchange merchandise back out to you free of shipping charge one time per order. That adds up to savings especially with a group order. Though we try to make sure that we provide as much information as possible so that you are pleased with your scrubs purchase, returns are sometimes inevitable. To take advantage of the free reship, ask co-workers to again pool the exchanges and send them back within 2 weeks of receiving the order. Sometimes, one co-worker will send back merchandise right away, taking advantage of the free reship and leaving other co-workers to fend for themselves. Clear communication and a firm deadline completely avoid these hassles by keeping everyone on the same page. USPS Priority Mail is usually the least expensive way to send back merchandise. Again, efficient use of the spreadsheet allows you to divide return costs among affected co-workers. Just make sure that you use a carrier that will provide a tracking number for your package.

Pooling orders can be an extremely cost effective way of purchasing medical uniforms, shoes, accessories or even gifts. Free shipping and volume discounts add up quickly and are often appreciated by hardworking co-workers. Marcus Uniforms is here to help. Whether you need a little assistance with color matching, sizing, checking inventory, additional catalogs or even setting up your spreadsheet, we’re happy to assist.
Contact us at 800-453-3944 Monday through Friday from 8-5 Central Time or via e-mail at

Scrub Sets

by MarcusUniforms 11. March 2011 19:07
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Scrub Sets - Finding Scrub Sets

Are you tired of buying mismatched scrub sets at your local uniform supply store because they do not carry a big enough inventory and never have your scrubs in sets? The trick to being able to get matching scrub sets is to buy them online from stores that offers their scrubs in sets or have a large enough inventory to ensure that you get the matching sets you are after.

Nobody ones to go to work looking less than their best, even if they are wearing uniforms, so going to work in mismatched scrubs is simply frustrating.  Sure you can get scrubs that are a close match, but if you decide that close is not good enough Marcus Uniforms can help you get the scrub sets you want at a price you can afford. We offer one of the largest inventories of scrubs on the Internet and offer free shipping on all orders over $99.

Medical Uniform

by MarcusUniforms 10. March 2011 19:02
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Medical Uniform - Your Medical Uniform Needs to Be Comfortable

 Depending on the job you do, if you need to wear a medical uniform, chances are you will do a lot of bending and lifting. If this is the case then it is important that the medical uniform you choose is as comfortable as possible and offers you the room or flexibility you need to comfortably do your job. More and more manufacturers are beginning to understand the need for comfort and flexibility so they are beginning to include new features in their designs that will cater to those needs.

From stretchy fabrics at the side to uniforms that are entirely made of flexible materials, you will find that moving around in your uniform is easier than ever. Cut and designs have also changed to offer a medical uniform that is not baggy and looks great but still offers the range of movement you need to do your job.

Please visit Marcus Uniforms to browse our selection of medical uniforms in many different styles, cuts, and colors.

About Marcus Uniforms Scrubs

Marcus Uniforms will help you find the best nursing scrubs and medical uniforms out there. We specialize in discounted nursing scrubs, medical uniforms, lab coats, school uniforms and work uniforms including shoes and medical accessories.

Some of our top brands are Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies Scrubs, E.Libby, Wonder Wink Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and Jockey Brand Scrubs. is a trusted retailer of brand name scrubs.

We are here to help you look and feel great in the perfect set of scrubs.  

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