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Nursing Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 22. April 2011 20:48
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What to consider when choosing nursing scrubs?

There are so many different  styles of nursing scrubs , so  you might find yourself overwhelmed when trying to choose. Here are a few considerations when choosing your scrubs.  First,  Consider your employer. There are some employers that require you to buy the scrubs from them. If this is the case you won’t have to worry about your choice. Some only require you to have certain colors and patterns. This also makes your decision easy and helps narrow it down. Some  medical facilities require you  to wear just basic colors while others allow  printed tops. Print scrub selections can be  and should be chosen while considering the patients you serve.  At the same time, make sure that if you are required to wear a certain color for the pants, that you make sure it will coordinate with your printed scrub top for a professional look.   There are lots of options in bright florals, veterinary prints, pediatric prints, patriotic prints and more.   So if your employer allows it, have some fun with the scrubs that you choose.  They can put patients at ease, create a cheerful environment and help you look your best at work.

Sizing of nursing scrubs

Every brand of nursing scrubs has  its own sizing chart. Before you purchase, consider the sizing chart for the best possible fit for you.  This is especially helpful when you are shopping online since you won’t be able to try the scrubs on.  Many online companies also offer petite and tall pants to make online shopping for medical personnel even more convenient.   To shop online where you have access to sizing charts visit Marcus Uniforms


Nursing Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 21. April 2011 20:46
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History of nursing uniforms

In the 1880s ,  nursing uniforms were considered useful protect ion  against illness and were considered an expression of feminine virtue. In the beginning ,  uniforms were supposed to be “fever proof” and  to  cover the entire body. They were also used for identification purpose s . They included long sleeved dresses with starched  c ollars and sometimes  even included a bow   tie. During the First World War there was a need to mass-produce the uniforms with a demand for easy cleaning. Tippets ,  a short cape ,  were added to the uniforms to denote rank. During the Second World War  , the dress was shortened to mid calf and the chinstraps were removed from the caps. Eye catching uniforms were used to attract more women into nursing. Nursing uniforms continued to  evolve throughout the 50s and 60s. In the 60s ,  the change result ed  in open collared uniforms. In the 1970s  , disposable paper caps became popular. Now ,  caps have faded out of use.    New technology offers stain resistant, softer and easy care fabrics.  In addition, unisex scrubs have received more attention as more males enter the nursing field.

Get today’s nursing uniforms

Today ,  nursing uniforms come in many different colors and styles  to offer fashion, comfort and fit . Browse  our huge scrubs  selection at   Marcus Uniforms to find nursing scrubs that work for you. 


Cherokee Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 20. April 2011 20:48
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Why you should choose Cherokee scrubs?

If you are looking for scrubs ,  check out the options  from Cherokee scrubs. Cherokee is one of the leaders and top sell ing brands in medical uniforms and nursing footwear. You can find plenty of different styles in various colors so you are sure to find something that will suit your needs. Not only are there a wide variety of styles and colors, there are scrubs to choose from at every price point , plus sizes, petites and talls . You can even find maternity scrubs.

Sizing chart for Cherokee scrubs

Ordering online will give you access to more styles and colors but you need to make sure you  select the right size. The best way to do this is to consult a sizing chart before you buy. For women ,  you  should measure the bust then waist and hips. You can then easily find a sizing chart online to find your size. Cherokee scrubs  come in size s  XXS to 5X and the pants  often offer petite and tall inseams. Visit Marcus Uniforms to find a sizing chart and to find a wide variety of  Cherokee scrubs. 


Medical Scrubs Sets

by MarcusUniforms 19. April 2011 20:48
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Medical Scrubs Sets

Medical scrubs can be sold separately but if you  opt for a set you will find that the colors will match perfectly and  often offer cost savings. If your employer requires you to wear coordinating tops and bottoms ,  this may be a good option for you. Consult a size chart before you order a set to ensure you are getting the right size.   Medical scrub sets often must be ordered in a single size for the top and the bottom. 

Ordering Medical Scrubs 

Ordering scrubs through a website can give you access to more sizes and options but you need to know how to order.  Choose your online scrubs vendor by checking out the selection, price, payment methods accepted, shipping costs, return method and even online feedback from past customers. At Marcus Uniforms you will not only find a great selection of scrubs but will find a number of ways to order. You can order by fax, mail, or phone as well as online. You can also  use a credit card, PayPal, money order, check or Checkout by Amazon.  Online shopping is quick and easy, but customer service is also available for questions or comments.  


Medical Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 18. April 2011 20:48
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What to know about shopping for medical uniforms online

Shopping for medical uniforms online  does not have to be stressful and can often offer cost savings, convenience and a much larger selection of scrub styles.  If you have found a brand of uniforms  that you like , then shopping online can be quick and easy.  However if you haven’t found that brand  that you love ,  you can still shop online without much trouble. Consult a sizing chart for the brand of scrubs  that you are interested in for best fit.  Not all brands offer the same fit.  Look at the return policy for the company you are ordering from. Most will accept returns within 30 days of delivery so try the uniforms on and make sure they fit when you get them so if there is a problem you have plenty of time to return.   Don't remove tags or launder the scrubs until you are sure you are keeping them to make returns hassle free. 

Consult with your employer about medical uniforms

Some employers have rules abut the type of medical uniforms that you are allowed to wear. Before you start shopping online make sure to know the rules so you don’t buy something you can’t use. If you need a place to shop for uniforms visit Marcus Uniforms. 


Nursing Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 9. April 2011 02:41
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If you’re looking for nursing scrubs that offer comfort, durability and affordability, Marcus Uniforms should be your first stop.  With a selection of nursing scrubs from some of industry’s leading brands, we offer great scrubs that are as fashionable as they are functional.  If you want scrubs that allow you to express your individuality, yet can stand up to the heavy demands of your daily workload, you’ll enjoy the quality of construction that our scrubs feature.

We carry nursing scrubs from Cherokee, Landau, Dickies Medical, Skechers, and more.  You’ll even find scrubs from as little as $5.00, including clogs, pants, tops, and accessories.  Being a nurse or CNA can be as demanding as it is fulfilling – be sure to choose scrubs that can keep up with you!


Take advantage of our free UPS ground shipping with $100 purchase.


Scrub Sets

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When you run a medical establishment, spending time purchasing or shopping for scrub sets can waste  valuable time.  You may also be surprised at how much money you spend on scrub sets over time especially if they need to be replaced often.  If you purchase from the same supplier month after month without comparing prices and available stock, you may be wasting your dollars.  However, you may not have the time it takes to compare various vendors and suppliers!


This is why buying scrub sets online is highly recommended.  Many find it's the best way to compare prices and available items without having to take too much time.  In most medical settings, a purchasing agent is required to three-quote their supplies, meaning you need to provide three different quotes from three different suppliers before you purchase anything, including scrub sets.  Having this system in place can save you money but also takes time to prepare.  We have an excellent selection of affordable scrub sets available on our site at


Marcus Uniforms also offers a 10% discount for orders over $300.



Scrub Jackets

by MarcusUniforms 7. April 2011 02:41
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When you purchase scrub jackets, you want to find those that are made of quality material that will last for years.  This means something thicker that won't rip easily but that is still comfortable to wear.  The material should also be natural fiber such as cotton or a cotton blend so that it breathes easily.  Stitching on the scrub jackets is also important; if they're not constructed properly they won't hold up well when they're laundered and this means replacing them more often.


Purchasing the cheapest scrub jackets you can find may not be the best choice.  Often they're much cheaper than other items for a reason; in the long run you may need to replace them more often because the fabric begins to wear or fall apart when laundered.  They may also be ill-fitting and uncomfortable, causing the medical staff to complain.  When purchasing scrub jackets, shop around and compare prices, but also check materials and fabrics of the clothes as well. This way you'll find scrub jackets that everyone wears comfortably but which you can still afford.  Check out our selection of scrub jackets at


Free UPS ground shipping with $100 Purchase!




Cherokee Workwear

by MarcusUniforms 6. April 2011 02:41
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When you're working in a medical setting, you want to be as comfortable as possible.  Poorly made scrubs and those without much variety may be ill-fitting and may make the wearer uncomfortable.  With Cherokee uniforms you have a wide variety of styles, sizes, and accessories so that your scrubs do not hinder your ability to work effectively.


Being more comfortable in one's scrubs will mean not being distracted by poorly fitting clothes, and choosing Cherokee uniforms will mean having this comfort.  You can choose the cut that best fits your build or that feels more flattering when you have it on.  The variety offered by Cherokee uniforms means added comfort for anyone, regardless of size or build.  Cherokee uniforms and scrubs are designed to stand up to the rigors of the medical workplace, offering durability and easy laundering in addition to comfort.  Check out our selection at


Free UPS ground shipping with $100 purchase!


Cherokee Workwear Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 5. April 2011 02:41
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There are few places as rough on clothes as a medical setting, and depending upon the type of setting you work in, your clothes may go through rigorous wear every day.  This is why Cherokee Workwear scrubs are a favorite for many hospital staff, as they're designed to move with your body for comfort but hold up to the conditions of a medical setting. They wash well and are made of poly/cotton with soil release.


This also means reinforced stitching, thicker materials, and a generous cut.  As you go through your day you'll notice that your Cherokee Workwear scrubs are comfortable to wear but stand up to the constant pressure of moving patients, lifting supplies, working with sharp objects, and so on.  Because Cherokee Workwear scrubs are meant to be so durable, this means you need to replenish your supplies less often, saving you money and effort in the long run.



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