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Celebrate Nurses Week May 6-12

by MarcusUniforms 12. May 2011 18:25
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Nurse Appreciation Day kicks off the start of Nurse Appreciation Week May 6. Nurse Appreciation Week is celebrated annually from May 6 through May 12. Florence Nightingale, whose birthday was May 12, is honored during this week for her role in founding modern nursing practices.

Show your favorite nurse how much you care with some new nursing accessories, from Marcus Uniforms. Don't forget about the nurses who work in family clinics, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, schools and home hospice in addition to hospital nurses.

Lanyards and badge holders can be an excellent gift choice for nurses. Lanyards are a more versatile option because they can be used to carry both keys and badges. Or if your nurse doesn't want to carry their keys on them, there are many badge holders to choose from. Badge holders come in a couple of different styles to suit the personality of any nurse. Some are worn like a pin and can be fastened anywhere on your scrubs while others merely clip onto a pocket. Some badges may need to be scanned to enter through doorways for security purposes. Having a badge holder with a retractable cord is a must for these situations. This will prevent wasting time fumbling to get your badge out while still keeping you tidy and organized.

Watches are another fabulous gift idea. With a great selection of watches for both men and women finding one that will be loved should be a snap. There are dressier watches with analog clock faces, sporty digital watches with stopwatches and fun playful watches with Disney characters.

Tote bags can complete a nursing ensemble. These come in multiple sizes and colors. Some have patterns while others are solid. Solid colored totes are a great choice because they can be customized with embroidery. There are many stock embroidery logos to choose from as well as multiple monogram styles. In addition to logos and monograms; just having text, such as a name, is also an option. Adding embroidery, whether it's a name, a logo or a monogram, is a nice way to really personalize your gift.

Of course, if you're unsure what your nurse likes, a gift certificate is a great option. Gift certificates from Marcus Uniforms are even better because they are offered in any amount from $5 to $5000 and are super easy to use.

French Toast and Classroom School Uniforms from Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 11. May 2011 19:50
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When you go back to-school shopping, finding the right school uniforms for your children can feel like a daunting task. Since kids are rough with their clothing; you want to send your children to school in durable uniforms that are also comfortable and trendy. Shop with ease at Marcus Uniforms. We have a full selection of mixable and matchable school uniforms from French Toast and Classroom that will last throughout the year.

Marcus Uniforms' wide selection of Classroom and French Toast school uniforms include boys', girls', slim, husky and plus sizes. Know that no matter what size your child is, when you buy their school uniforms from Marcus Uniforms, they will get the right fit.

Marcus Uniforms now carries matching accessories to complete your child’s look including assorted hair bows, ponytail holders, headbands, barrettes and boys’ and girls’ ties. You can feel confident that Marcus Uniforms is the right place to shop for all of your school uniform needs.

Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS Ground shipping within the continental US with every $100 dollar purchase so that you can be fully prepared for the school year and orders over $300 receive a 10% discount. Pool orders with classmates for maximum savings. Marcus Uniforms can also assist your school with bulk purchases, special flyers and even a school link on their website to make back-to-school shopping efficient and easy.

Girls' School Uniforms

Boys' School Uniforms

French Toast Hair Accessories at Marcus Uniforms!

by MarcusUniforms 10. May 2011 23:59
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Marcus Uniforms now has French Toast girls' hair accessories! Whether you are looking for French Toast barrettes, hair bows, snap on clips, ponytail holders or headbands, Marcus Uniforms is the place to find them. Starting as low as $1.25, these are not only fashionable, but affordable too!

French Toast School Accessorieshair accessories by french toastSchool uniforms and accessories

Surgical Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 5. May 2011 20:47
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How surgical scrubs have changed

Surgeons did not have any specialized clothing until the 20th century. Surgeons could wear their street clothes and used an apron to prevent bloodstains on the clothes. As everyone become more aware of the spread of disease and germs surgeons began to add more to their wardrobe such as masks and gloves. This is also why the white surgical uniform became popular. This was done to emphasize cleanliness. Then the combination of the bright lights in an operating room and the white caused eyestrains on the surgeons and scrubs where then changed to green to provide a better contrast. In 1970 the attire was a short sleeve V-neck shirt and drawstring pants much like it is today. They were labeled as surgical greens because of the color. Now scrubs don’t have to be green and it is not uncommon to see surgical scrubs of other colors or even patterns depending on the hospital.

Find today’s surgical scrubs

Today you can find surgical scrubs in a number of places if you don’t automatically receive them from the hospital. Scrubs are definitely an important part of the medical field and are needed. Visit Marcus Uniforms to find a variety of scrubs. 


Buy Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 4. May 2011 20:42
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How to buy scrubs

Knowing what you are looking for will definitely help out you out during the buying process. Does your employer require you to wear a certain brand of scrubs or a certain color? Do you want patterns or solids? Do you work at a vet office and want to find scrubs with dogs and cat in them? Do you work with children and want to have scrubs with bright colors and cute patterns? Once you have narrowed down your options you will need to check your size. Each brand is different, so make sure if you are gong to purchasing different brands look at the different sizing charts. Even though you have to look at multiple sizing charts finding a store that sells multiple brands will be beneficial because you are more likely to find what you are looking for. If you haven’t found the brand and style you love try out different ones until you do.

When you buy scrubs…

Purchase comfortable shoes at the same time. You are also going to be constantly on your feet so in addition to comfortable scrubs, comfortable shoes are a definite must.  Visit Marcus Uniforms to buy scrubs as well as shoes, and accessories.  



Introducing new ScrubZone by Landau solid nursing scrubs!

by MarcusUniforms 3. May 2011 22:48
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Are you looking for new nursing scrubs?

Marcus Uniforms now offers ScrubZone by Landau nursing scrubs. ScrubZone nursing scrubs are designed to be stylish yet economical. These nursing scrubs are available in matching scrub tops and scrub pants to fit workplace dress codes. The scrub pants come in two styles: a flare leg pant and a cargo pant. Both styles are a great choice for pairing with your favorite print tops. Pair these nursing scrubs with a layering tee to create a fashionable look that works in both summer and winter. Another fantastic option is wearing a print scrub jacket over your matching scrub top and scrub pants.

Do you have trouble finding plus size uniforms?

Marcus Uniforms offers ScrubZone by Landau nursing scrubs in all sizes including plus size uniforms up to size 3XL. Plus size uniforms are offered in the same styles as regular sized nursing scrubs.

ScrubZone by Landau nursing scrubs has something for everyone. From multiple styles of scrub pants to plus size scrubs, you will find great scrubs for all your nursing needs.

For even more savings from Marcus Uniforms, place your nursing scrubs order with friends to receive a group discount. Also remember that any nursing scrubs order over $100 includes free shipping!

About Marcus Uniforms Scrubs

Marcus Uniforms will help you find the best nursing scrubs and medical uniforms out there. We specialize in discounted nursing scrubs, medical uniforms, lab coats, school uniforms and work uniforms including shoes and medical accessories.

Some of our top brands are Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies Scrubs, E.Libby, Wonder Wink Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and Jockey Brand Scrubs. is a trusted retailer of brand name scrubs.

We are here to help you look and feel great in the perfect set of scrubs.  

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