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Men's Workwear

by MarcusUniforms 6. September 2011 20:48
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Did you know that Marcus Uniforms has more than just medical uniforms? Service professionals like mechanics, electricians and plumbers can easily find work uniforms from Dickies Workwear here, too. Look and feel more professional for your job.

Dickies twill workwear is a great option because it is hard to stain so the clothing will retain that professional appearance that is so important for service professionals. The work shirt is available in long sleeve and short sleeve and both can be embroidered. Marcus Uniforms even offers custom embroidery so you can have your company logo added. Dickies wrinkle free flat front work pant is available in the same colors as the twill work shirts for a head to toe finish.

Complete your work uniform with a belt. In addition to the practical and obvious use for belts, they complete your work uniform nicely. Marcus Uniforms offers leather belts in black or brown and an adjustable military style belt that can be color coordinated with your twill work shirt and work pant. All belts are sturdy enough for your multi-tool as well.

Most service type professions require time outside in the elements. Finding a good work coat can be tough for those living and working in colder climates. Nobody wants to wear their good coat for work if they can avoid it. That's why Marcus Uniforms offers a couple of lined coats from Dickies Workwear that are machine washable so you can retain the professional appearance and stay warm at the same time.

Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $100 in the United States and a 10% discount on all orders over $300.

Find Men's Scrubs at Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 19. August 2011 23:33
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With fewer style options than women's scrubs, it's easy for men to settle on what is easiest to find rather than what they are most comfortable in. Marcus Uniforms tries to accommodate all nurses, men and women.

For tall men, Marcus Uniforms has a couple of scrub top options longer than 29 inches. Try the unisex 3 pocket v-neck scrub top from Cherokee Workwear or the men's raglan sleeve top from Dickies Medical. Both scrub tops are available in assorted, man friendly colors. More longer length scrub tops are available from Dickies Medical, Cherokee Workwear and Skechers.

Tall scrub pants are also available at Marcus Uniforms. In addition to the tall unisex pant and tall men's 7 pocket cargo pant from Cherokee Workwear and the men's utility pant from Dickies Medical, White Swan Fundamentals unisex pant is also available in tall sizes.

Of course, not all men are tall. Marcus Uniforms carries scrub pants in regular and short sizes too. These scrub pants are available in the same great brands as the tall scrub pants: Cherokee Workwear, White Swan Fundamentals and Dickies Medical.

As always, Marcus Uniforms offers free shipping via UPS ground to the continental United States with any order over $100. All orders over $300 will also receive an automatic 10% discount.

Tips For Adding Embroidery to Nursing Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 4. August 2011 20:18
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Adding embroidery to your scrub top can be a simple affordable way to personalize your scrub tops. Marcus Uniforms offers three different styles of embroidery that you can order individually or mix together at reasonable prices. Add your name and/or title, a logo or a monogram to create a polished, professional look. Remember that you can have your t-shirts and tote bags embroidered too. Marcus Uniforms can also add your custom logo so that employees and staff are easily identified.

Some simple guidelines to keep in mind when adding embroidery are:

1. Check your workplace dress code. Make sure having your name, title, a logo or a monogram will be acceptable since embroidered items are NOT returnable. If embroidery is not allowed on scrub tops or scrub jackets, consider tote bags, caps or even our Med Couture Fleece Jacket which can be worn as a transitional jacket outside of the workplace as well.

2. Where do you work? Try to keep your patients in mind when choosing your embroidery. There are many logo options to choose from including veterinary, pediatric, pink ribbon and more. Bringing a smile to a patient’s face with a bright logo is priceless.

3. What color are your scrubs? Marcus Uniforms recommends choosing a contrast color because text can be difficult to read if the thread color and garment color are too close together. Pick a thread color that contrasts nicely with your scrubs for a polished look. Not sure about what color would work best? Give us Marcus Uniforms a call and we’ll be happy to make a recommendation.

4. Are you adding a logo and a monogram? Try to visualize how they will look together, especially if they are on the same side of your scrub top. Do the thread colors from the logo match the thread color from your monogram? Since not all colors mix well, it's important to keep this in mind. Some logos already include text on them; in this case try to avoid mixing with a monogram since the fonts may clash with each other. Specifically for tote bags: the embroidery area may be on a pocket with less space from top to bottom. Adding both a logo and a monogram to these may not turn out how you would like because your embroidery will be smaller to fit in the space. Marcus Uniforms is happy to help with embroidery inquiries.

5. For an extra fee, you could also have your own logo embroidered onto your scrub top. This is a great option for schools, companies or special events. Once the logo is added to the Marcus Uniforms, replenishing your inventory is as simple as a phone call. The logo will be stored so there is no need to start over.

Remember that embroidery is a reflection of who you are. If you are unsure about adding embroidery, Marcus Uniforms is here to help. All orders over $100 receive free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States and orders over $300 receive an automatic 10% discount. (Discounts to not apply to custom embroidery.)

Breast Cancer Awareness isn't just for October

by MarcusUniforms 3. August 2011 18:08
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While October is officially recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, breast cancer affects men and women, young and old each day. While there are different treatment options, a cure has yet to be found. The campaign for early detection has been extremely successful and awareness is the key to prevention.

Marcus Uniforms is proud to carry a selection of pink ribbon scrub tops and accessories year round. Find pink ribbon v-neck scrubs, mock wrap tops and warm-ups in a variety of prints from great vendors like Cherokee HQ, Scrub Works and E. Libby. If prints aren't your style but you still want to show support in the fight against breast cancer, you can add an embroidered pink ribbon logo to any solid scrub top or tote bag. Wear your pink ribbon scrub tops with pride and join the fight against breast cancer.

Finding pink ribbon accessories for your and your friends is just as easy at Marcus Uniforms. From lanyards and badge holders to stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs, the options are nearly limitless. For nurses who can only wear solid scrubs to work, accessories like these can be the best way to show they care.

Show your ongoing support for the search for a cure to breast cancer with pink ribbon scrub tops and accessories from Marcus Uniforms. Chances are you know at least one person who is currently fighting breast cancer or in remission who will appreciate the support.

Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $100 in the United States and a 10% discount on all orders over $300.

Find Perfect Scrub Pants

by MarcusUniforms 3. August 2011 00:37
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Marcus Uniforms knows that not everybody is the same shape and size. That is why we carry a large selection of scrub pant styles from multiple vendors. Find elastic waist pants, flare leg pants, unisex pants and more from Cherokee Workwear, White Swan Fundamentals, Landau, Urbane, ScrubZone, Scrub Works, Dickies Medical, Grey's Anatomy and more.

In addition to women's pants and unisex pants, Marcus Uniforms also carries missy fit, junior fit and men's pants. For nurses who prefer something a little cooler during the warmer seasons, there is always the capri pant from Madison Medical.

If you prefer scrub skirts, Marcus Uniforms has you covered as well. Select a scrub skirt from White Swan Fundamentals to match your favorite scrub top. Available in assorted colors.

Marcus Uniforms always has free UPS ground shipping with every $100 purchase shipped within the continental US and a 10% discount on every order over $300. So stock up on essentials like scrub pants or place a group order with friends to take advantage of our everyday discounts.

Get Happy Feet From Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 30. July 2011 01:34
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Nurses, food service professionals and many retail employees find themselves spending hours on their feet everyday. Finding comfortable shoes that hold up over time can be a real problem. Marcus Uniforms offers a wide variety of athletic shoes for both men and women, as well as nursing clogs and slip resistant shoes.

Nursing clogs are very popular right now, not only for nurses but for students as well. Marcus Uniforms carries women's nursing clogs ranging in price from $5.00 to $29.99. Nursing clogs are also available in multiple colors and the Cherokee Anywhere Slip Resistant Zone Clog even comes in zebra or leopard print!

Although clogs are currently not available for men, Marcus Uniforms has great alternatives like the Dickies Mexam Leather Step In shoe or the slip resistant Skechers Harvard Oxford. Men can also find athletic shoes from Reebok, Nike, Adidas and more in both regular and wide widths!

Finding the right shoes for your feet is a great thing. Finding someplace that you can order the same shoes over and over is even better. This is what makes Marcus Uniforms stand out among other online shoe retailers! Find the shoes, love them and order again and again!

Remember that orders at Marcus Uniforms over $100 receive free UPS ground shipping and orders over $300 get an additional 10% discount!

Marcus Uniforms has Maternity Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 25. July 2011 17:42
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While stylish maternity clothing can be hard to find, maternity scrubs present their own set of challenges. Many nurses have resorted to wearing plus size scrubs during their pregnancy which don’t offer the same comfort or range of movement as clothing specifically designed for maternity wear.. Plus size scrubs are not cut to flatter that baby bump and can make expecting mothers feel awkward and unattractive. That's why Marcus Uniforms offers maternity scrubs from Cherokee Flexibles.

Solid maternity scrubs are available in 4 basic colors in both the scrub top and the scrub pant. A limited selection of maternity print tops are also available. Buy both the solid top and pant for a very streamlined look or pick a couple of prints to mix and match with the maternity pants you chose.

Marcus Uniforms can also help with swollen feet! Add a pair or two of compression socks or pantyhose to your order for all around everyday comfort. Also check out the Ultimate Nursing Bags. In addition to being a great bag for all of your medical accessories and equipment, the Ultimate Nursing Bag makes a great diaper bag because of all of the pockets.

Feeling good about how your scrubs fit you during pregnancy is important and Marcus Uniforms understands that. Remember that when you place an order over $100 you receive free UPS ground shipping within the continental US and that orders over $300 receive an automatic additional 10% discount. USPS and international orders welcome.

New Arrivals at

by MarcusUniforms 25. July 2011 17:22
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Did you know that you don't have to wait for the new catalog to see new scrub tops and scrub pants at Marcus Uniforms? Head on over the and click on the new arrivals tab for the most current selection of hot nursing scrubs! Not only does this give you the opportunity to check out new items before the catalog hits your doorstep, some items are ONLY available online!

Under the new arrivals tab, you will find more than just nursing scrubs: there are shoes, accessories, lab coats and more! Since new arrivals are only "new" for so long, the inventory in this section is constantly changing so come back often and be one of the first people to not only see but get the hottest new nursing fashions!

New arrivals are always included in Marcus Uniforms free UPS ground shipping on orders over $100 AND will also receive the 10% discount on orders over $300 too.

Scrub Works Medical Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 20. July 2011 20:20
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If you love the feel of Grey's Anatomy scrubs but are looking for something a little friendlier on your budget, a great alternative for you is the Scrub Works solid line at Marcus Uniforms. These scrubs offer the quality of expensive scrubs without the matching price. Made from a brushed cotton/poly blend, these nursing scrubs are not just soft and comfortable, but also sport an updated stylish look.

Marcus Uniforms currently carries seven of the most popular colors in the Scrub Works solid scrubs. Pair the scrub pants with the coordinating solid scrub top or with one of the great print tops available. Print tops are available in both v-necks and warm-ups. Seasonal prints are available as well; check out the Halloween prints and Breast Cancer Awareness prints. Don't forget new items can be found online before the catalog is delivered so come back often.

Remember that all orders over $100 receive free UPS ground shipping within the continental US. Marcus Uniforms also offers a 10% discount on all orders over $300. USPS and international orders welcome.

Medical Accessories at Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 11. July 2011 19:44
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While some clinics provide nurses with a mounted blood pressure cuff in each exam room, most nurses need to provide their own blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes. Marcus Uniforms makes shopping for these important nursing tools easy by offering both the blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes in addition to nursing uniforms. Blood pressure cuffs are available in a variety of cuff prints or in solid colors. Most are sized for adults. Several types of stethoscopes are also available including a variety of colors and Littmann models. Stethoscope covers, id tags, holsters and eartips can also be purchased online. Medical accessories also make great gifts for graduation or to show your appreciation for a special medical caregiver.

Next time you find yourself needing new nursing scrubs, take a few minutes to browse though Marcus Uniforms' selection of medical accessories including blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes. All orders over $100 will receive free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States while orders over $300 will also receive an additional 10% discount. Marcus Uniforms does accept USPS orders and can ship internationally as well.

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