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Five Star Chef Apparel at Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 27. September 2011 20:27
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With TV shows like Top Chef and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, seeing chef uniforms has become commonplace. From executive chefs to weekend kitchen warriors, chef wear has become extremely popular. Unless you've been in the food industry a while, you may not know where to find chef jackets and chef pants. Marcus Uniforms can help. We have three styles of chef jackets and chef pants from Five Star Chef Apparel. Order your basic chef jacket with long sleeves or short sleeves depending on what suits you best. If you're the head chef, your look will not be complete without the executive 12-button chef jacket. Our basic chef jackets are solid white, while the executive chef jacket has black contrast piping trim and black buttons. Pair any of these jackets with our chef pant. We have pants in solid black, houndstooth and chalkstripe. Add embroidery for the most professional look.

Perhaps you are a restaurant owner and are looking for aprons for your servers. Marcus Uniforms also carries a short black apron and a long bistro apron from Five Star Chef Apparel. Add these aprons to your servers' uniforms for a classy, polished look. We also supply adjustable bib aprons, which would be perfect for cooks spending a lot of time working around fryers. In addition to the white and black, Marcus Uniforms also has a limited supply of "Cafe" and "Chalkstripe" printed bib aprons. Aprons can be embroidered with your logo, a logo we create for you, text or a monogram. What a great way to brand your restaurant or catering service. Makes a great gift, too.

Whether you are an experienced chef, new on the scene or a restauranteur, Marcus Uniforms has the chef uniforms you need for your kitchen or serving staff. As always, Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $100 in the United States and a 10% discount on all orders over $300.

Chef Apparel—Putting it all together

by MarcusUniforms 10. February 2010 21:45
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With the increase in food channels, cooking shows, cooking competitions and online access to cooking demonstrations, more and more people are developing the courage to strive for cooking like a professional chef. Many also want to look like a professional chef. Whether you’re a professional chef, an amateur cook or just whipping up fine cuisine for a family gathering, appropriate chefwear is a must. Though you may not need every element of a proper chef uniform, selecting the right components can make your culinary experience more comfortable, more functional and more fun.

A complete chef wear uniform can consist of any combination of the following: a chef jacket, chef hat, chef pants, bandanna, neckerchief, scarf, bow tie, apron and comfortable slip resistant shoes. Of course, each chef has his or her own preference, but the concept behind a chef’s uniform is that it should aid the chef in preparing food comfortably and hygienically especially under busy and often hot kitchen environments. For chef’s that are exposed to their diners, chef wear should offer some element of style as well.

Every part of the chef uniform plays an important role. The chef hat, for example, holds hair in place for obvious reasons. It can be personalized with the chef’s name, even if the chef is dad, or a restaurant logo. Aprons aid chefs of all skill levels to keep clothes clean, for wiping hands and for keeping kitchen implements close at hand. Like the chef hat, aprons can be personalized with embroidery to add more professional touch. Chef jackets are available with short or long sleeves and in a variety of styles. They are generally made of soil resistant twill for easy washing. A pocket on the sleeve for a thermometer is a helpful feature as is a chest pocket and underarm vents. The jacket can be embroidered with the chef’s name or the restaurant logo as well. Chef pants are available in many styles from solids to chalkstripe to houndstooth to caliente! They are generally baggy and darker in color so that inevitable spills go unnoticed. In the darker colors, they contrast well against white chef jackets, providing a professional chef appearance.

Not every chef wears every piece of a chef uniform. Each restaurant or kitchen has its own dress code, but cleanliness, professionalism and presentation often lead the chef wear decisions. Though originally designed for function, chef wear components also make statement about style, especially because many restaurants expose the kitchen to diners. In many dining establishments, the chef is not hidden behind the swinging kitchen door. They often circulate through the restaurant checking in with diners or even prepare certain dishes at the table. In those instances, stylish, easy to clean and comfortable chef wear is critical.

Whether you are a member of the culinary profession, an accomplished caterer, a home chef or a beginner, chef wear can make a huge impact in your kitchen experience. It can change the entire look of your restaurant team or just make you feel like a kitchen professional in your own home.

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