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Scrub Works Medical Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 20. July 2011 20:20
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If you love the feel of Grey's Anatomy scrubs but are looking for something a little friendlier on your budget, a great alternative for you is the Scrub Works solid line at Marcus Uniforms. These scrubs offer the quality of expensive scrubs without the matching price. Made from a brushed cotton/poly blend, these nursing scrubs are not just soft and comfortable, but also sport an updated stylish look.

Marcus Uniforms currently carries seven of the most popular colors in the Scrub Works solid scrubs. Pair the scrub pants with the coordinating solid scrub top or with one of the great print tops available. Print tops are available in both v-necks and warm-ups. Seasonal prints are available as well; check out the Halloween prints and Breast Cancer Awareness prints. Don't forget new items can be found online before the catalog is delivered so come back often.

Remember that all orders over $100 receive free UPS ground shipping within the continental US. Marcus Uniforms also offers a 10% discount on all orders over $300. USPS and international orders welcome.

Discount Medical Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 21. March 2011 18:36
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Discount Medical Scrubs - How to Find Discount Medical Scrubs

Few if any of us can afford to waste money on anything these days, this means finding the best deals on everything we need. Discount medical scrubs can help you save a bundle on your uniform needs, and there are plenty of ways to save money and still look great. Discount medical scrubs are offered in many different places but they are not always what you are after, just because you need a better price does not mean that you want to look bad or be uncomfortable.

By shopping online many times you can get discount medical scrubs that are name brand but do not carry name brand prices. You should look for sales, clearances overstocks and not wait until you need your scrubs to buy. Buy your scrubs when they go on sale for a heavily discounted price. This way you will get the best deals and will never have to rush to buy scrubs when you need them. Please visit us at Marcus Uniforms to see our selection of scrubs at a discount price.

About Marcus Uniforms Scrubs

Marcus Uniforms will help you find the best nursing scrubs and medical uniforms out there. We specialize in discounted nursing scrubs, medical uniforms, lab coats, school uniforms and work uniforms including shoes and medical accessories.

Some of our top brands are Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies Scrubs, E.Libby, Wonder Wink Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and Jockey Brand Scrubs. is a trusted retailer of brand name scrubs.

We are here to help you look and feel great in the perfect set of scrubs.  

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