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Character Scrub Tops Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 4. October 2012 20:39
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Cookie Monster, Hello Kitty, Spiderman…All of your favorite and your patients’ favorite characters are available in bright cheerful scrubs prints at 


A visit to the doctor, nurse practitioner, hospital or medical clinic can cause anxiety in patients of all ages.  Putting that patient at ease or even coaxing a smile is priceless, and who could be cooler to a child then a medical provider or nurse wearing spiderman or Tinkerbelle?  Start a conversation or just offer a welcome distraction with cartoon scrub tops from Winnie the Pooh to Mickey Mouse to Sesame Street.


Specialty prints are also available for holidays.  Frosty the Snowman for Winter and Tinkerbelle or Betty Boop for Valentine’s Day are just a few examples to spruce up your office and show a fun and friendly side.


A bright, friendly scrub print offers some much needed help when you need a patient to feel comfortable talking to you.  You would be surprised how much patients will open up to you when they see that you are wearing their favorite childhood character on your nursing uniform or when a child recognizes a cartoon character that completely takes their mind off of the visit to the doctor.


Character prints are perfect for patients of all ages.  Great for schools, pediatrics, veterinary, nursing homes or any medical facility where there’s a place for a little whimsy and fun.



Some of our newest character prints are:

Cherokee Tooniforms Silly Ol' Bear V-Neck Top (Winnie the Pooh)

V-neck top with contrast binding around the neckline and sleeve hem, front angled pockets, side vents and back elastic for shaping. 26 1/2" length. 

Item #6754B-PHSI

  • XS, S, M, L, XL  $21.99
  • 2XL  $23.99


This top features a large Winnie the Pooh, floating away with a balloon.  There are also butterflies and flower patterns incorporated into the character print. The contrast trim really makes this print pop.  Everyone will be commenting on this adorable print.



Do you prefer Eeyore? If he is more your style then you will love this next character scrub top.

Cherokee Tooniforms Amusing Eeyore V-neck Top

Junior fit V-neck top with set-in sleeves, two lower pockets, one with a contrast smaller pocket and side slits.

Item #6846V-PHAM

  • XS, S, M, L, XL  $20.99
  • 2XL, 3XL  $22.99


Eeyore is one of the most beloved Winnie the Pooh storybook friends. His gloomy mood makes him just adorable to love.  This top features many images of happy Eeyore with a floral and polka dot motif. It also has various quotes including  “Don’t Rain on my Parade” and “Particularly Cheerful.”


How about those of you who love Scooby Doo? We have just the top for you!


Cherokee Tooniforms Hidden Hound Scooby V-neck Top

V-neck top with contrast binding around the neckline and sleeve hem, front angled pockets, side vents and back elastic for shaping. Scooby continues around the back of the top. 26 1/2" length.

Item #6775B-SDHO

  • XS, S, M, L, XL$21.99
  • 2XL$23.99


This Scooby Doo Scrub Top features a large Scooby that not only is cute in the front, but also has the Scooby tail on the back.  He is sitting among the flowers relaxing before a big investigation.



We haven’t forgotten the men out there that might be looking to brighten up their scrub attire with super hero print tops.

Cherokee Tooniforms Web Slinger Spiderman Unisex Top

Unisex V-neck top has one chest pocket, two patch pockets and side vents. 28" length

Item #6876C-MAWE

  • XS, S, M, L, XL$21.99
  • 2XL, 3XL$23.99


This Unisex scrub top features a distressed urban style with Spiderman characters throughout.  The word, “Web-slinger” is included in this design.  The colors are muted for a more masculine color pallet.  If you are a Spiderman Fan, this character print is for you!




There are many other character scrub tops available at Marcus Uniforms, check them out here:


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