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Pediatric Scrub Tops

by MarcusUniforms 22. June 2011 18:42
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Character print tops and Disney print tops make excellent scrubs for the pediatric field. They help to make the young patients feel more comfortable by looking less clinical. Often the kids will point out the characters they know and love. Marcus Uniforms has a selection of nursing scrub tops in Character prints and Disney prints. Choose from Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Tweety Bird, Tinkerbell, Betty Boop and many more! Character print tops and Disney print tops are available in a variety of styles to fit any body type. Choose from regular v-neck tops, mock wrap tops, scoop neck styles and the more sporty flexible tops.

Pair any of these prints tops with your favorite scrub pants. Marcus Uniforms has coordinating scrub pants from Cherokee Workwear, White Swan, Dickies, Landau, Scrub Works, ScrubZone and Urbane.

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The World of White Swan

by MarcusUniforms 14. October 2009 21:25
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White Swan originated in New York, in 1916, as a high-quality nursing uniform manufacturer. Later, the company merged with Meta, another well-known name in uniforms. In the 1990s, the companies became part of Dowling Textiles which made it possible to manufacture and expand their line of quality products at affordable prices. Today, White Swan is one of the best known brands for uniforms of all kinds including chef wear. They cater to both men and women, and their top priority is to provide comfortable and functional products at reasonable prices. They are the market leader in high-quality solids for hospitals, schools and clinics, as well as fashionable print scrubs,  Tru-Cord soft cotton corduroy scrubs, men’s and women’s lab coats and chef wear.    White Swan’s Fundamentals are 65/35 poplin with Soil Release.

Medical uniforms, scrubs and lab wear were originally designed for protecting the body during medical procedures.  Today, as nurses, hospitals and clinics try to establish their own unique identity, scrubs become a more important style statement. There are scrubs for pediatrics, veterinary and oncology departments.   “Uniform” no longer means starched, white and solemn.  Uniforms have become a reflection of one’s personality, an encouraging message to patients, a way to identify different departments within large medical facilities and, therefore, a more important matter of fashion and style.

White Swan offers lab coats in materials like Performance Poplin with Soil Release Finish, Cotton/Polyester Requisite with Soil Release Finish, Fine Line Twill with Soil Release Finish, Super Blend Twill with Soil Release Finish, and many others. Tops, pants and printed wear are also available in different fabric blends, shapes and sizes, including plus.

White Swan is always introducing more comfort and trendy designs for customers. They make constant effort to provide a larger variety without compromising the quality of their products. They blend their 100 years of experience as an industry manufacturing uniforms with the latest fabric, design and technology. More information about the company and its various products are available on the World Wide Web.

About Marcus Uniforms Scrubs

Marcus Uniforms will help you find the best nursing scrubs and medical uniforms out there. We specialize in discounted nursing scrubs, medical uniforms, lab coats, school uniforms and work uniforms including shoes and medical accessories.

Some of our top brands are Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies Scrubs, E.Libby, Wonder Wink Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and Jockey Brand Scrubs. is a trusted retailer of brand name scrubs.

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