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French Toast and Classroom School Uniforms from Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 11. May 2011 19:50
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When you go back to-school shopping, finding the right school uniforms for your children can feel like a daunting task. Since kids are rough with their clothing; you want to send your children to school in durable uniforms that are also comfortable and trendy. Shop with ease at Marcus Uniforms. We have a full selection of mixable and matchable school uniforms from French Toast and Classroom that will last throughout the year.

Marcus Uniforms' wide selection of Classroom and French Toast school uniforms include boys', girls', slim, husky and plus sizes. Know that no matter what size your child is, when you buy their school uniforms from Marcus Uniforms, they will get the right fit.

Marcus Uniforms now carries matching accessories to complete your child’s look including assorted hair bows, ponytail holders, headbands, barrettes and boys’ and girls’ ties. You can feel confident that Marcus Uniforms is the right place to shop for all of your school uniform needs.

Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS Ground shipping within the continental US with every $100 dollar purchase so that you can be fully prepared for the school year and orders over $300 receive a 10% discount. Pool orders with classmates for maximum savings. Marcus Uniforms can also assist your school with bulk purchases, special flyers and even a school link on their website to make back-to-school shopping efficient and easy.

Girls' School Uniforms

Boys' School Uniforms

French Toast Hair Accessories at Marcus Uniforms!

by MarcusUniforms 10. May 2011 23:59
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Marcus Uniforms now has French Toast girls' hair accessories! Whether you are looking for French Toast barrettes, hair bows, snap on clips, ponytail holders or headbands, Marcus Uniforms is the place to find them. Starting as low as $1.25, these are not only fashionable, but affordable too!

French Toast School Accessorieshair accessories by french toastSchool uniforms and accessories

Plus and Husky School Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 16. November 2009 19:48
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The burdens and benefits of school uniforms are an ongoing debate throughout the US.  Does the uniform alleviate the distraction of wardrobe competition among students?  Does it help students learn better?  Do they behave differently?  Do schools have a right to dictate a dress code?  These are only a few of the questions that school districts must address when introducing or maintaining a school district dress code.   Most private and parochial schools would stand behind the argument that a consistent dress code creates unity and cohesiveness among the students, helps enforce discipline and frees students to focus on inner characteristics and academic effort rather than choice of outfit or shoe.   They contend that while clothing makes a person noticeable in a crowd, a dress code has an advantage of placing everyone on the same level platform, thereby temporarily erasing all social differences. School uniforms separate school as a  place of respect requiring a higher level of attention and respect which is different from the casual atmosphere of home.   It is that atmosphere, they argue, which fosters growth, development and learning at all ages. 

It is equally important to recognize that a uniform is worn by children and young adults during a long school day and therefore should offer an appearance that complements all ages and sizes, is comfortable so that students can concentrate on school and enhances self esteem.   Looking smart is much more powerful when the student is comfortable at the same time.   Children and young adults come in all shapes and sizes so one size fits all is not an acceptable choice for school uniforms.   For this reason, most stores offer plus size or husky uniform options.  Husky or plus sizes are used to refer to students who need a bit more comfort in targeted areas than what is offered in standard sizes.   Usually the term ‘husky’ is used for boys and ‘plus size’ for girls. Husky size pants are generally wider through the hips and thighs. The husky size shirts are a bit wider across the middle. Boys’ uniforms which are available at in husky sizes at are pants, shorts, dress shirts and polo shirts. Girls’ plus size uniforms include pants, scooter skorts, blouses and polo shirts.  

The difference between husky/plus size uniforms and larger sized standard uniforms is that larger standard sizes are simply bigger in an unvarying manner. Large sized uniforms do not take into consideration that the human body can be wider in some parts and slimmer in the others. Husky or plus sized uniforms address this inaccuracy. They are wider in the areas which have a tendency to gain weight and offer standard sizing in the other parts. For best fit, we recommend taking a few measurements before placing an order for plus sized or husky uniforms:

·         Measure the child’s height against the wall.

·         Measure the fullest part of the chest/bust. The tape should be held in such a manner so that it is comfortably loose.

·         Measure the smallest portion of the waist.

·         Measure the fullest part of the hip.

·         Measure the length of the leg from the hip to the floor.

The demand for husky and plus sized school uniforms has increased over the past several years which has simultaneously increased the number of options available.   Shop online for the best price and consult size charts for the best selection and fit.

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