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Scrubs, wallet, stethoscope, cell phone….Water Bottle

by MarcusUniforms 11. March 2010 21:41
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No one needs to remind nurses, nursing students and anyone else in the medical profession about the importance of proper hydration, but sometimes the morning rush and hectic daily schedule prevent medical professionals from heeding their own best advice.  You can probably quote the statistics yourself about how many Americans are chronically dehydrated, so there’s no excuse for being one of them. 


You already know about the benefits of drinking water during the day, but do you know how to fit it into your already busy day?  Start with a safe, eco friendly, reusable water bottle that you can keep close at hand.  It helps if it will fit into your nursing bag or tote.


If you still prefer the thinner store bought plastic water bottles, try not to refill them.  Use them once then dispose of them in a proper recycling bin.  Reusable thicker plastic bottles are often under fire because of the Bisphenol-A content, but many manufacturers are now making bottles without BPA.  In response to the health concerns raised by BPA content, many people are converting to aluminum, but do a little homework first.  Aluminum bottles have an inner lining and reputable companies should be willing to disclose the contents of the liner and any test results which establish that the inner liner is safe.  Also, most aluminum bottles should be hand washed, not put in the dishwasher.  Check suggested washing instructions before making your selection. 


Stainless steel bottles tend not to have a liner and are usually dishwasher safe.  Increasing in popularity, they are now available in various colors by many manufacturers, keeping the cost competitive. 


Take just a few minutes to prepare yourself for each day.  Add a water bottle to your scrubs, cell phone wallet and other daily essentials.   Make a commitment just for this week to stay well hydrated then assess how you feel—don’t wait until you feel thirsty.  You take care of so many others.  Take care of you, too.


Stainless steel water bottle from Marcus Uniforms:


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