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New Med Couture Gold Nursing Scrubs By Peaches

by MarcusUniforms 16. April 2013 19:52
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New Med Couture Gold has just arrived.  This new addition to the Med Couture scrub line is not only soft and comfortable, but also fashionable and trendy.


The drape of this fabric is clearly superior in quality to standard medical uniform blendsConstructed of 95% Poly / 5% Spandex, it offers a unique 4-way stretch that moves with your body. Med Couture Gold also features moisture wicking designed to pull moisture away from the skin, which is a fabulous bonus for busy medical personnel and nurses that are on the move through busy shifts.  


You will also appreciate the precision detailing not only on the contrast branded stitching, but also on the buttons and waistband fashion features.  Med Couture Gold Brand medical scrubs is about details and prides itself on the fashionable contemporary fit and luxurious look.  


Med Couture Gold is also very functional with crossover, v-neck and warm-up styles that feature deep roomy patch pockets to carry all of your medical accessories.  Med Couture Gold offers a Resort moderate flare leg pant that is available in regular, Petite and Tall lengths so if you would like to outfit a group, it is easier than ever.  


Med Couture is Tough but Chic, Durable but Elegant.  The GOLD sets a new standard in stretch medical scrubs.  



Character Scrub Tops Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 4. October 2012 20:39
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Cookie Monster, Hello Kitty, Spiderman…All of your favorite and your patients’ favorite characters are available in bright cheerful scrubs prints at 


A visit to the doctor, nurse practitioner, hospital or medical clinic can cause anxiety in patients of all ages.  Putting that patient at ease or even coaxing a smile is priceless, and who could be cooler to a child then a medical provider or nurse wearing spiderman or Tinkerbelle?  Start a conversation or just offer a welcome distraction with cartoon scrub tops from Winnie the Pooh to Mickey Mouse to Sesame Street.


Specialty prints are also available for holidays.  Frosty the Snowman for Winter and Tinkerbelle or Betty Boop for Valentine’s Day are just a few examples to spruce up your office and show a fun and friendly side.


A bright, friendly scrub print offers some much needed help when you need a patient to feel comfortable talking to you.  You would be surprised how much patients will open up to you when they see that you are wearing their favorite childhood character on your nursing uniform or when a child recognizes a cartoon character that completely takes their mind off of the visit to the doctor.


Character prints are perfect for patients of all ages.  Great for schools, pediatrics, veterinary, nursing homes or any medical facility where there’s a place for a little whimsy and fun.



Some of our newest character prints are:

Cherokee Tooniforms Silly Ol' Bear V-Neck Top (Winnie the Pooh)

V-neck top with contrast binding around the neckline and sleeve hem, front angled pockets, side vents and back elastic for shaping. 26 1/2" length. 

Item #6754B-PHSI

  • XS, S, M, L, XL  $21.99
  • 2XL  $23.99


This top features a large Winnie the Pooh, floating away with a balloon.  There are also butterflies and flower patterns incorporated into the character print. The contrast trim really makes this print pop.  Everyone will be commenting on this adorable print.



Do you prefer Eeyore? If he is more your style then you will love this next character scrub top.

Cherokee Tooniforms Amusing Eeyore V-neck Top

Junior fit V-neck top with set-in sleeves, two lower pockets, one with a contrast smaller pocket and side slits.

Item #6846V-PHAM

  • XS, S, M, L, XL  $20.99
  • 2XL, 3XL  $22.99


Eeyore is one of the most beloved Winnie the Pooh storybook friends. His gloomy mood makes him just adorable to love.  This top features many images of happy Eeyore with a floral and polka dot motif. It also has various quotes including  “Don’t Rain on my Parade” and “Particularly Cheerful.”


How about those of you who love Scooby Doo? We have just the top for you!


Cherokee Tooniforms Hidden Hound Scooby V-neck Top

V-neck top with contrast binding around the neckline and sleeve hem, front angled pockets, side vents and back elastic for shaping. Scooby continues around the back of the top. 26 1/2" length.

Item #6775B-SDHO

  • XS, S, M, L, XL$21.99
  • 2XL$23.99


This Scooby Doo Scrub Top features a large Scooby that not only is cute in the front, but also has the Scooby tail on the back.  He is sitting among the flowers relaxing before a big investigation.



We haven’t forgotten the men out there that might be looking to brighten up their scrub attire with super hero print tops.

Cherokee Tooniforms Web Slinger Spiderman Unisex Top

Unisex V-neck top has one chest pocket, two patch pockets and side vents. 28" length

Item #6876C-MAWE

  • XS, S, M, L, XL$21.99
  • 2XL, 3XL$23.99


This Unisex scrub top features a distressed urban style with Spiderman characters throughout.  The word, “Web-slinger” is included in this design.  The colors are muted for a more masculine color pallet.  If you are a Spiderman Fan, this character print is for you!




There are many other character scrub tops available at Marcus Uniforms, check them out here:


Current Trends In Nursing Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 17. July 2012 20:35
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Nursing scrubs have come a long way over the past 10-15 years.  Veteran nurses may remember when your choice of scrub tops was a plain boxy v-neck, a unisex v-neck or the occasional mock wrap top and your scrub pant choices were almost as limited.  You may even think back to the white dress and box cap.  Today nurses are able to purchase scrubs in multiple styles, but it's not just the styles that have changed.  Fabrics are evolving, too.  For years nursing scrubs were made from stiffer, starchier feeling material.  


Well, no more!


Popular name scrub brands are now using softer materials which provide more comfortable work uniforms.  If you've ever tried Jockey Scrubs, you'll know that all of their scrubs are made from a softer material that also incorporates stretch.  Of course, if you like Jockey Scrubs, you should also check out Med Couture and new Fusion by White Swan.  Both options are also soft and stretchy providing comfort, function and style for your medical scrubs.


If you are not a fan of that small percentage of spandex for stretch,  not to worry, there are nursing scrubs out there for you, too.  One of the most popular options right now is Grey's Anatomy Scrubs.  With the right amount of softness added to a flattering fit, these scrubs are a fantastic and extremely popular choice.  If you are new to soft scrubs and are not sure what brand to try, Dickies Soft Works is the perfect solution.  Dickies Scrubs have been around for years and are trusted by many nursing professionals.  Their brand new Soft Works line has only improved on what is already a trust scrubs option.


Of course, a scrub line wouldn't be complete without pants.  Soft scrub pants are offered not only in regular length pants but also in petite pants and tall pants.  As always, you should purchase your scrub pants from the same line as your scrub top to ensure the colors match.


Now that you know a little about the current trends in nursing scrubs, it's time to do a little shopping.  Marcus Uniforms has a large inventory in all your current favorite scrub brands as well as any new favorites you may find.   Don't forget that when you spend $100 or more at Marcus Uniforms, you automatically get free shipping to any UPS deliverable address in the continental United States.  Pool your order with friends or co-workers to reach $300 and you'll receive a 10% discount.


20% Off E.Libby Solids

by MarcusUniforms 30. January 2012 22:59
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Looking for a great deal on Soft Scrubs?  Try E.Libby Soft Solids.  Made of

Brushed 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester.  Available in 6 colors.  And for a

limited time they are on sale!  20% off the original price starting  2-1-12.


Available Styles:

E.Libby Solid V-Neck Scrub Top. This is a soft v-neck top with set-in

sleeves, two lower pockets with smaller inset pockets and side slits. 27"



E. Libby Boot Cut Cargo Pant. This is a soft boot cut, drawstring front pant

with back elastic, two large front pockets and one cargo pocket. 


Hurry before the sale ends!  


Sale Dates: 2-1-12 through 2-15-12.  Not applicable to prior sales.




New Scrubs for the New Year

by MarcusUniforms 5. January 2012 23:54
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Are you starting 2012 with a new nursing job? If you are, Marcus Uniforms can help outfit you with the perfect nursing scrubs. Whether you are required to wear solid scrubs or are able to wear any prints or styles you like, we have what you need.

Scrub pants are available from trusted brands like Cherokee Workwear, White Swan Fundamentals and Dickies in full size runs including petite pants and tall pants. We also carry newer brands like Fusion, E.Libby and Scrub Works for the more fashion conscious nurse and we've recently added soft Jockey Scrubs to our inventory. Color matched solid scrub tops are available from all of these brands, but please remember that colors may not match if you order tops and bottoms from two different brands.

We have print tops in many different styles that can match pants you already own or brand new scrub pants you just purchased. At Marcus Uniforms, we want our customers to look their best so we list all pant colors that coordinate with our print scrubs. And to ensure your scrubs have the best fit, we provide size charts on the same page.

Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $100 and a 10% merchandise discount on all orders over $300.

Need a little help with color matching, sizing or picking out a scrubs outfit for your office or group? E-mail or call and we’ll be happy to help.

Time to Bring Out the Scrub Jackets

by MarcusUniforms 8. November 2011 22:46
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Now that November is here and parts of the country seem to have jumped feet first into fall weather, it's time to start wearing those scrub jackets again. With the Midwest barely seeing 60 degrees lately, long sleeves are the way to go. Marcus Uniforms has both solid scrub jackets and print scrub jackets. Pick up a couple of basic warm-ups from Cherokee Workwear or White Swan Fundamentals to coordinate with your current scrubs. Check out Med Couture's fleece jacket for a more versatile option. The fleece jacket is stylish enough to double as a nice casual jacket when you go out.

Perhaps you wear solid scrubs while at work and would like to dress them up a little. Layering a nice print jacket could be just the thing for you. Finding print jackets to match your solid scrubs is easy at Marcus Uniforms because we share the coordinating colors with you. Try out a nice button down cardigan from White Cross or a snap down warm-up jacket from Scrub Works.

Now is also a good time to start looking at those holiday prints. In addition to v-neck scrub tops and mock wrap tops, Marcus Uniforms also has holiday themed print jackets. Between penguins, snowmen and Santa Claus, you're sure to be set with your holiday warm-ups.

Even if you live in a part of the country that still feels like summer with 80 degree temps, you can still benefit from ordering your scrub jackets now. Whether you're preparing for cooler temperatures or it's just chilly where you work, Marcus Uniforms has you covered. Don't forget to take advantage of our free UPS ground shipping within the continental US on all orders over $100. Receive an additional 10% off if your order is over $300.

Building Your Own Medical Uniform

by MarcusUniforms 28. September 2011 22:40
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Whether you are a veteran nurse or you are still in school, you may have found a new job in the medical industry. Chances are you will have a dress code and will be required to wear a medical uniform at your new job. Find out if you need to wear solid scrub tops and scrub pants or if you can wear print scrubs and start looking for your new scrubs early. If you are a veteran nurse and simply starting a new job, you may be able to wear some of your old scrubs and just want to freshen up your closet a bit. Though the quality of medical scrubs available today had improved dramatically, any garment that withstands constant wear and laundering will show signs of its age over time. Starting off with a fresh, professional look is your best bet. Marcus Uniforms can help you find new scrubs no matter how long you've been in the medical field. Pants that are too long can lead to frayed hems that look unattractive and unprofessional. Most medical personnel are working hard between jobs and family so there is no time for hemming. Marcus Uniforms offers a wide variety of petite lengths (and talls) for the perfect fit and a polished appearance.

If you have few or no restrictions, have fun putting together your own medical uniform. A medical uniform consists of a scrub top, a scrub pant, nursing shoes and sometimes a lab coat, warm-up or watch. You will find Marcus Uniforms very helpful with creating your medical uniform since we list all coordinating colors to our print tops as a service to our customers. If you are just starting in the medical industry, we recommend two or three scrub pants or scrub sets, that you can mix and match with multiple print tops for maximum versatility from your scrubs.

As you start piecing your medical uniform together, remember that Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $100 in the United States and a 10% discount on all orders over $300.

New Print Scrubs in New Styles

by MarcusUniforms 20. September 2011 19:07
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Over the past couple of years, scrub manufacturers have been getting more creative with the styles of scrub tops. A few years ago, there wasn't much to choose from besides v-neck tops and occasionally mock wrap tops. Today, scrub tops are available in many styles besides v-neck tops and mock wrap tops and they are often reflecting ready to wear trends.

Marcus Uniforms likes to stay ahead with scrub top fashions. One of our newest additions is Landau's Prideland split neck tunic scrub print. A fun animal print, Prideland gives you the layered look without the layers and also features a tie at the front to give this top a more fitted appearance. Cherokee played up the standard v-neck with a more fitted look, thinner trim around the neck and a decorative ring at the base of the "V". This fun new style scrub top is available in two new prints: Pretty Patches and Garden Box. Cherokee also mixes up the material used for some of their scrub prints. While Garden Box is 100% cotton, it is made from a textured dobby material. Marcus Uniforms also has new styles from Cherokee's Tooniform collection. Instead of a standard scoop neck, Tink Pop, a new Tinkerbell print, has a smocked round neck and even has decorative buttons.

Whether you prefer the standard v-neck style scrub prints or like to try new styles, Marcus Uniforms has what you're looking for. With well over 100 print scrubs to choose from, finding your next favorite scrub top will be a snap. Don't forget that Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $100 in the United States and a 10% discount on all orders over $300.

Unisex Scrubs

by MarcusUniforms 15. September 2011 18:25
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Everywhere you go, you see male and female doctors, nurses and lab technicians wearing unisex scrubs. While unisex scrubs may seem like the most common scrubs, chances are good that many of the medical professionals wearing them are either required to wear them or have them provided by the clinic or hospital. Of course, there are still many doctors and nurses who prefer unisex scrubs for their simplicity, price and fit. Take the guess work out of finding your correct size with size charts provided by Marcus Uniforms.

What defines unisex scrubs?

Typically, unisex scrub tops are simple tops with only one chest pocket. More modern unisex scrub top styles can include extra pockets, side vents and/or a longer length. Unisex scrub pants tend to be straight leg with one or two cargo pockets and a drawstring waist. Updated unisex pant styles can also include extra pockets. Marcus Uniforms carries the most popular unisex scrub brands, including Dickies, Cherokee Workwear and White Swan Fundamentals.

Whether you prefer unisex scrubs or are required to wear them, Marcus Uniforms can help you find the perfect scrubs. We have a full size range, including plus, short and tall, in many colors for you to choose from including all the basic scrub colors. Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $100 in the United States and a 10% discount on all orders over $300.

Every Day Values at Marcus Uniforms

by MarcusUniforms 13. September 2011 20:58
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Marcus Uniforms has a great selection of v-neck scrub tops at every day value prices. Find fantastic print tops from Delta Uniforms and Natural Uniforms in bright, bold color palettes. No matter what your preferences are, finding print tops that suit you should be a snap. Peace signs, hearts, flowers, swirls as well as solids and subtle prints are the types of print scrub tops you'll find at Marcus Uniforms. Get more value for your nursing scrubs purchase by picking tops that coordinate with pants that are already in your closet or with just a couple of colors for new pants to combine and save.

E. Libby and Tru Bamboo mock wrap scrub tops are another great value found at Marcus Uniforms. Mock wrap tops add a feminine flair to the standard v-neck scrub top style. As a bonus, both E. Libby and Tru Bamboo scrub tops are super soft so you'll be comfortable all day, or night, at work. Tru Bamboo also makes a stylish boot cut scrub pant with the same comfortable texture as their scrub tops. E.Libby prints coordinate with Scrub Works, Cherokee, White Swan, Dickies and Landau solid colors.

Choose the style of pant that flatters you most. Try the Cherokee Workwear flare leg pant, elastic waist pant, or even the unisex pant. Finding value priced scrubs at Marcus Uniforms has never been easier! Marcus Uniforms offers free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States on all orders over $100 in the United States and a 10% discount on all orders over $300. Group, USPS and international orders are welcome.

About Marcus Uniforms Scrubs

Marcus Uniforms will help you find the best nursing scrubs and medical uniforms out there. We specialize in discounted nursing scrubs, medical uniforms, lab coats, school uniforms and work uniforms including shoes and medical accessories.

Some of our top brands are Cherokee Uniforms, Dickies Scrubs, E.Libby, Wonder Wink Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy and Jockey Brand Scrubs. is a trusted retailer of brand name scrubs.

We are here to help you look and feel great in the perfect set of scrubs.  

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