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by MarcusUniforms 7. April 2011 02:41
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When you purchase scrub jackets, you want to find those that are made of quality material that will last for years.  This means something thicker that won't rip easily but that is still comfortable to wear.  The material should also be natural fiber such as cotton or a cotton blend so that it breathes easily.  Stitching on the scrub jackets is also important; if they're not constructed properly they won't hold up well when they're laundered and this means replacing them more often.


Purchasing the cheapest scrub jackets you can find may not be the best choice.  Often they're much cheaper than other items for a reason; in the long run you may need to replace them more often because the fabric begins to wear or fall apart when laundered.  They may also be ill-fitting and uncomfortable, causing the medical staff to complain.  When purchasing scrub jackets, shop around and compare prices, but also check materials and fabrics of the clothes as well. This way you'll find scrub jackets that everyone wears comfortably but which you can still afford.  Check out our selection of scrub jackets at


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