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by MarcusUniforms 5. May 2011 20:47
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How surgical scrubs have changed

Surgeons did not have any specialized clothing until the 20th century. Surgeons could wear their street clothes and used an apron to prevent bloodstains on the clothes. As everyone become more aware of the spread of disease and germs surgeons began to add more to their wardrobe such as masks and gloves. This is also why the white surgical uniform became popular. This was done to emphasize cleanliness. Then the combination of the bright lights in an operating room and the white caused eyestrains on the surgeons and scrubs where then changed to green to provide a better contrast. In 1970 the attire was a short sleeve V-neck shirt and drawstring pants much like it is today. They were labeled as surgical greens because of the color. Now scrubs don’t have to be green and it is not uncommon to see surgical scrubs of other colors or even patterns depending on the hospital.

Find today’s surgical scrubs

Today you can find surgical scrubs in a number of places if you don’t automatically receive them from the hospital. Scrubs are definitely an important part of the medical field and are needed. Visit Marcus Uniforms to find a variety of scrubs. 


About Marcus Uniforms Scrubs

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